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    Homelander Responds To Queries If His Son Will Eventually Take Over As Leader Of The Seven

    Enhancing the buzz surrounding ‘The Boys’, the show has been doing some brilliant marketing moves to get the anti hero- Homelander closer to fans. This time, it’s a reddit section of Ask Me Anything.

    Reddit, mostly known for its interface and user accessibility features a section of AMA, aka Ask Me Anything where you can bombard someone with questions you want answers of. The show has introduced this on the app, with fans being able to ask questions to Homelander that he has been answering. Among others, the hero was asked about future plans for his son and if he plans to take over as leader of The Seven. Here’s how he responded and more questions Homelander answered on the site.

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    Homelander Answers Fan Questions On Reddit


    Fans of The Boys are in for a wicked surprise as the series has continued to introduce awesome and eccentric marketing strategies that fans are absolutely enjoying. After the highly anticipated three-episode launch of the fourth season of the Prime Video Original series, Eric Kripke’s satirical superhero invention has gone above and beyond to interact with fans as a new campaign was launched. The seriejust released their largest and wildest public relations campaign to yet, which consisted of an online “Ask Me Anything” panel on Reddit on Friday, June 14, where Homelander was in command of responding to fan questions.

    One of the questions he was asked was if son will take over The Seven after him, to which the superhero replied, “Like LeBron James, I’m really excited about the prospect of playing on the same team as my son. But leading it? … God didn’t step down when he sent his son to Earth”

    When asked about his plans of retirement, he responded saying, “Retire… to do what? Drink booze out of a coconut? Travel? I can fly anywhere I want. I can do anything I want. What would be the difference, besides letting the world descend into lawless chaos? That’s why being the captain of The Seven isn’t a job — it’s my purpose. You can’t retire from that. Did Gandhi retire? Did Dr. King? Some day, I hope Ryan will take his place at my side, and together we can fight off the barbarians trying to sodomize our great nation.”

    Needless to say, that does sound like something Homelander would say.

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    More Answers Homelander Responded To


    Whoever was behind this idea seems to be having quite the fun with it as he responded to some of the bizarre questions asked to the superhero.

    For instance, one user enquired if Homelander would ever have his own porn site, to which he responded, “Look, I don’t want to be responsible for breaking the entire internet. But if it ever did happen, it would be on SupePorn Platinum (use discount code HOMELANDER for 15% off your first month).

    As for questions about who the mother of his child is, the superhero decided to keep it to himself as he said, “I know I told you to ask me anything. But there are a few things that cut too close to the bone. Some day, I hope I’ll be able to share that whole story, but for Ryan’s sake, I want to keep it private for now. All I can say is that it was a love story for the ages.

    Not just that. Homelander even let fans in to his taste in music. Responding to one redditor who asked him about his favorite music, he replied, “Hard to pick just one, but I’m partial to my buddy A-Train. “Faster” is what I think you guys call a banger. But my Voughtify playlist is full of those — Supersonic, may he rest in peace, had so many hits. “License to Drive (Me Crazy)” was a personal favorite. And then there’s the classics — Smash Mouth, Creed, Nickelback…”

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