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    “Go Watch Something Else”: Eric Kripke Refuses To Pull Any Punches Or Apologize To People Who Accuse ‘The Boys’ Of Being Woke

    Fans are super excited as the release date forThe Boysseason 4 comes closer. However, creator Eric Kripke seems a bit over the edge. Reportedly the director has told viewers to watch something else if they find his beloved series “woke”. The Amazon Prime series has often been labeled ‘woke’ by many viewers, given it often refers to real-life politics and situations. 

    However, creator Eric Kripke will not budge no matter what critics are saying. The superhero series is unlike any average superhero project. It deals with corruption, power, and what happens when the power is used wrongly. The superheroes of ‘The Boys’ might not be as ethical and do-gooders as Captain America

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    Eric Kripke Is Unapologetic About His Creative Choices

    Eric Kripke
    Eric Kripke

    Every director likes to have space for his own creative choices. But Eric Kripke enjoys it a bit too much. He is unapologetic about the choices that he has made for ‘The Boys’. Viewers have often criticized the Amazon Prime series for being ‘woke’ since it often refers to real-life political situations. Most notable among them is Homelander’s parallels to former U.S. president, Donald Trump. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Kripke opens up about it. 

    I clearly have a perspective, and I’m not shy about putting that perspective in the show,” he said. “Anyone who wants to call the show ‘woke’ or whatever, that’s OK. Go watch something else.” Kripke continued to say, “But I’m certainly not going to pull any punches or apologize for what we’re doing. Some people who watch it think Homelander is the hero.” “What do you say to that? The show’s many things. Subtle isn’t one of them. So if that’s the message you’re getting from it, I just throw up my hands,” he added.

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    What Can Viewers Expect From Season 4 Of ‘The Boys’?

    The Boys
    The Boys

    The fourth season will be premiering on 13 June 2024. Eric Kripke talked about the timelines followed in each season by saying, “The news is accurately reflecting whatever we’re talking about.” So in season four of ‘The Boys’ it is expected that viewers can expect to see Trump’s hush money conviction come up somewhere in the show. 

    Homelander from ‘The Boys’ has been used as a replica to showcase Donald Trump’s actions throughout the seasons. One such scene is when Homelander kills a pro-Starlight supporter at a Stormchasers rally but is cheered on by the others. Creator Eric Kripke had previously said that this scene was inspired by Trump’s quip that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue without losing votes.

    So far we know that in season 4, the condescending Victoria Neuman bolsters her presidential campaign with Homelander’s endorsement. Homelander himself will be standing trial for the death of the pro-Starlight. 

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