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    ‘The Boys’ Season 4: All New Supes Explained

    2024 might just be the year of blood and brutality. The creators dropped the first teaser of The Boys season four, which is said to be more horrifying and suspense-filled than what’s come before, making it impossible for the fans to wrap their heads around.

    While season four of ‘The Boys’ brought back surprising elements from season three, there are new supes seen in the teaser as well. The fans are excited to know how will these characters contribute to season four of the series and its connection with the spin-off series, ‘Gen-V’.

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    Who Are The New Supes In Season Four Of The Boys?

    New Supes
    New Supes

    The new supes are said to be Sister Sage portrayed by Susan Heyward and Firecracker embodied by Valorie Curry. However, the powers of these superhumans are kept under wraps. But according to the reports Sister Sage is said to have the capabilities of telepathy and magic.

    And Firecrack is said to have the powers associated with pyrokinesis. However, the fans are extremely excited about these two characters because they are not from the comics and are completely new creations only for the series. 

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    Black Noir’s Return In Season Four Is Suprising

    Black Noir
    Black Noir

    Black Noir is the mysterious character with a mask, who was also a member of the Seven. The Seven is a group of superheroes managed by Vought International. However, this interesting character was killed off in season three, hence his return in the upcoming season has left the fans in dismay and contemplating how season four would pan would. 

    However many fans are speculating that the antagonist of ‘Gen V,’ Sam Riordan might be the new Black Noir or perphas, it is the clone of Homlander playing the character. Whatever it may be, the fans are excited for this character, because his origin was tweaked as he had a different origin story in the comics. 

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