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‘Gen V’ Season One Ending Explained And How It Ties To ‘The Boys’

It’s been a wild ride for ‘The Boys’ spin-off Gen V ever since the murder-suicide featuring Golden Boy aka Patrick Schwarzenegger and his beloved teacher Professor Richard Brinkerhoff aka Clancy Brown and then only got weirder from there.

Season one of ‘Gen V’ raised a lot of queries and mysteries, while very few of them were answered and few were left unanswered for it to be resolved in ‘The Boys’ season four and the other plotholes will be fixed in season two of ‘Gen V’.

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Why Did Homelander Side With Cate & Sam At The End Of ‘Gen V’?

Homelander in Gen V
Homelander in Gen V

Homeland- the strongest, invulnerable, and most terrifying man made a cameo appearance in the finale episode of season one. The entire season was filled with thrilling cameo appearances including Soldier Boy, Victoria Neuman, Grace Mallory, and Ashley, saving the Best cameo for the last. The constant bringing of the Boys character into ‘Gen V’, kept both the series connected.

At the end of season one, Cate and Sam release all the prisoners in the Woods, which leads to a revolution against the humans at Godolkin University. This resulted in the supes killing the humans which led Ashley to finally call Homelander for help.

But instead of helping Marie, Homelander sides with Cate and Sam, disappointed with Marie betraying her own. Also, Homlader supports Cate and Sam because they are supremacists by the end of ‘Gen V’, an ideology that has remained the core of Homelander’s ‘The Boys’ season 3 political movement.

What Happened To Marie Towards The End Of Season One?


Knowing Marie betrayed her own, Homelander knocked out her. After waking up, Marie wakes up in a mysterious facility along with Emma, Jordan, and Andre. They realize that there are no doors anywhere, with the episode ending before this mystery is resolved, setting up a plotline for the second season. However, there are some theories as to where the friends could be.

It’s possible that the gang is being held in a secure Vought facility, with them having a track record of containing supes. Or maybe they are trapped inside Cate’s mind, which could explain why there were no doors in the facility.

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Billy Butcher’s Cameo In Mid-Credits Scene Of ‘Gen V’ Explained

Billy Butcher
Billy Butcher

The ‘Gen V’ season one finale features Billy Butcher in a mid-credits scene, searching through the abandoned Woods facility with a flashlight. Although it isn’t explicitly explained, it seems likely that Billy Butcher is looking for something: the supe virus. A contagious virus that kills supes has been one of the biggest story elements throughout ‘Gen V’, but the series doesn’t reveal the fate of the new weapon yet. After all, Billy Butcher’s comic ending involves him using a biological weapon to kill supes.

What Does Gen V Season One Mean For ‘The Boys’ Upcoming Season

Gen V
Gen V

While ‘Gen V’ season one’s ending is exciting in itself, the spin-off series sets up a whole exciting set-up for The Boys season four. As the mid-scene brought in Billy Butcher looking for the supe virus, it might create a plotline for season four of ‘The Boys’ which will also include Victoria Neuman, Homelander, and Vought fighting over it.

‘Gen V’ puts the story of ‘The Boys’ on a much bigger scale, with everything coming together once again in the upcoming season of ‘The Boys’.

Will Cate And Sam Be Season Two’s Main Villians?

New Villians of Gen V season Two
New Villians of Gen V Season Two

Only in season one, ‘Gen V’ featured all kinds of villains, but after the finale of season one, there is a possibility that Cate and Sam might be the main villains of the second season. Cate and Sam believe that they are superior to humans, leading them to want to start a genocide.

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