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    “He Was Hilarious”: Eric Kripke Opens Up About Will Ferrell Being In ‘The Boys’

    The Boys season 4 is back with more blood, fights, and humor but kids beware because it’s not for you. The A-rated series dropped its first three episodes on 13th June, returning with a battle between Homelander and Vought’s supes and Butcher.

    Producer Eric Kripke breaks down his best moments from season 4 during an interview and talks about Will Ferrell, how he showed up for a role and Eric couldn’t be happier and grateful for his presence.

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    Eric Kripke Appreciates Will Ferrell For Doing ‘The Boys’

    Eric Kripke and Will Ferrell

    Eric Kripke has worked hard for season 4 and he shared his favorite moments from the recently premiered season. During an interview with Variety, he appreciated Will Ferrell for making it to season 4 for just 30 hours of shoot time. Eric talked about the cameos of both Will Ferrell and Tilda Swinton.

    He said, “For Will, I was chatting at the time with him and his producing partner, Carolina Barlow. We were just talking about a script kind of casually, right when this role came up. Jessica Chow in the script wrote, “huge Hollywood star” — that was the slugline.”

    Eric continued, “So I was emailing him, “Hey, do you want to come out and do this for 30 hours, and just bang it out?” I showed him the pages and he was like, “Yeah, that sounds fine! I’ll do that.”

    The shooting conditions were harsh and it was freezing with rain all day still, Will being the sweetest guy decided to show up for the shooting.

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    “But He Could Not Have Been Like Sweeter Or More Gracious To The Crew”: Eric On Will ‘s kindness

    Eric Kripke on 'The Boys' being called 'woke'
    Eric Kripke ‘The Boys’

    Eric Kripke is grateful for Will Ferrell showing up in such a short period and such harsh shooting conditions. He said, “I felt so bad. This poor guy, he’s saying yes to a favor, and then he’s in sub-Arctic conditions. But he could not have been like sweeter or more gracious or kinder to the crew. And he was hilarious.”

    He continued, “We have a lot of ad-libbing between him and Jessie that we have to put in bloopers. There’s so much! At one point they deeply kiss — there’s a lot going on in those outtakes”.

    Moreover, Eric also talked about Tilda. He didn’t know much about her. They got to know about her character ‘Ambrosius’ in the script and wanted an Oscar-winningest, British actress for the role.

    Actress Dame Judi Dench was unavailable so they reached out to Tilda and she also didn’t know any of the crew members, but still, she was down for the role. Eric said, “She said, That sounds hilarious, I’m in,” and she did it. She was in Scotland, I think, at the time, but came into a recording booth there, and I was in a booth in L.A”.

    Eric was equally happy with her performance and appreciated her caliber as an actress and rejoiced by saying, “It’s really one of the best professional days of my life”.

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