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    “I’m Excited To See What He Cooks Up”: ‘The Boys’ Actor Antony Starr Addresses His Rumored Booster Gold Casting In James Gunn’s DCU

    Fan theories surrounding James Gunn’s DCU‘s Booster Gold getting its screen adaptation have slowly started blowing up on the internet. Though there are other contenders in talks, Anthony Starr seems to be the top choice for ‘Peacemaker 2’.

    Starr, who is most famous for his role in ‘The Boys’ spoke up about the possibility of him adapting Booster Gold’s role on screen. Here’s what he said, and more theories about the upcoming show.

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    Anthony Starr Speaks Up About Starring As Booster Gold

    Booster Gold and Antony Starr
    Booster Gold and Antony Starr

    Amidst social media fan castings and speculations that have been swirling around regarding Booster Gold’s portrayal in ‘Peacemaker 2′, Antony Starr’s name has been at the top, with fans almost convinced that the ‘The Boys’ star will be featuring as Booster Gold for James Gunn.

    Addressing these speculations, Starr said, “Me and James just play golf,” adding that he finds Gunn “amazing.” He then added, “I cannot wait to see what he does with the DC Universe. I think he’s a phenomenal director, producer and talent. He’s one of the biggest brands in the industry, so I’m excited to see what he cooks up.”

    Though he didn’t confirm the casting, fans still see his acknowledgment as a nod of the green light that he is, in fact playing the DC villain.

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    Antony Starr In ‘The Boys’

    Antony Starr in 'The Boys'
    Antony Starr in ‘The Boys’

    Starr gave a note-worthy performance in ‘The Boys’ as his role went viral. The show attracted a bunch of social media trends, particularly Starr’s character and performance.

    The critically acclaimed tv show on Prime Video is based on the popular comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis. It follows the titular vigilante squad as they protect the world’s vast populations of superpowered people. Starr plays Homelander, the antagonist and head of the Seven, a group of the strongest so-called superheroes akin to the Justice League. The toxic character, who resembles contemporary political personalities, uses overt patriotic rhetoric to address his followers.

    Following this, it does seem like Starr will be an ideal cast for Gunn’s next endeavor.

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