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    “It’ll Be There Forever, While I Won’t Be” Dying Marvel Fan Requests ‘Loki 2’ Makers To Have Her On The Show

    Last Goodbyes are hard! But making a wish knowing that it’s gonna be the last, is heartbreaking. So, some non-profit organizations like ‘Make A Wish’ took the noble initiative to fulfill the last wishes of people going through a critical health issue. Sometimes, many higher-ups in the entertainment industry like Marvel get indulged in this noble deed as well.

    Well, that brings us to the story making headlines here! A longtime Marvel fan has something really touching to share! Not just that but she also has one last wish for Marvel before her critical health condition leads her to her final destination. Can’t wait to know, what it is, right! Let’s hear it from herself.

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    Marvel Fan Pens Down Her Unique Dying Wish


    The cancer-ridden Marvel fan took to her Reddit portal to pen down his unusual ultimate wish.

    The post read, “I want to be a poster hanging in the background of a Loki TV series shot. An extra is fine, but I’m not an actor or an extra. I’d love to meet people from the Loki series, but it isn’t about that either, I don’t want to interrupt their working day.”

    “It’s about becoming, in some teeny, tiny way, a part of something I have loved for years. My poster may only be on screen for 3 or 5 seconds or something ridiculous, but it’s there and it’s there forever, while I won’t be. Doesn’t even have to be me, I’m not looking for a free photoshoot, just my face photoshopped onto someone else would be fine,” the post further added.

    I have stage 4 terminal cancer, have been a Marvel fan since the early 90s, and I have a request for Marvel from marvelstudios

    It continued, “I’m thinking things like, dressed in a white lab coat, extolling the virtues of Roxxon oil, or their new pharmaceutical branch. Or an army uniform telling people “We want you!” Or maybe selling alien alcohol.”

    “What the poster is for can be anything (except penile enhancements, I draw the line there! Although I’ve often wondered how these emails are going to enhance my non-existent penis). And it can be set in the future or the past, selling milk in the 1950s. Space hoppers in the 70s. Coke… well licensing laws might stop that, but I don’t think generic gin and tonic are trademarkable.”

    Anyway, I’ll message the mods and see if I can’t get this put back up in some form.”

    The Fan Explains Her Pathetic Condition

    Tom Hiddleston as Loki
    Tom Hiddleston as Loki

    The headline of her article on the Reddit Portal was quite tragic. It read, “I have stage 4 terminal cancer, have been a Marvel fan since the early 90s, and I have a request for Marvel. I was told there might be a few people here who have a connection to Marvel that I could talk to. My request is slightly unusual but please rest assured, I don’t want to meet the cast, watch anything before it’s released, attend any premiers, finally get my Gambit movie*, or anything like that.”

    [*Okay, I’m totally lying about the Gambit movie, I really want that, but I’m trying to keep my expectations grounded in reality.]

    She then goes on to request people on social media to help her fulfill her final wish. She declares that she is willing to provide any proof that is necessary.

    “Reddit is my only truly anon social media so I don’t want to say my name and personal details publicly, but obviously, I’m happy to provide ID, proof of diagnosis, and any other information that might be required by PM or email. If anyone would be willing to help me out and see if my request is feasible, I would be eternally** grateful.”

    [**Eternally is somewhere between 4 months and 2 years right now (average 18 months) depending on how I respond to palliative treatment, so, yeah, you’re not getting a particularly large heap of gratitude, but hopefully, the quality will make up for lack of quantity!]

    The Marvel fan revealed that it took her two days to complete the article as her health condition was getting worse on day 1. She finally sheds some light on her dying wish on the second day, therefore.

    She continued, “I was hoping to reply tonight but my morphine is kicking, in and my dose has just been upped by 10mg, so I have that horrible floopy/flying feeling, and I don’t want to embarrass myself. Thank you all for your support in this. Really wasn’t expecting more than a few hundred upvotes at most.”

    “I will reply to everyone I can tomorrow when I stand a reasonable chance of being coherent (I’m dyslexic so even stone-cold sober it’s 50/50 if I make sense or not! Good night everyone. Thank you all for your well-wishes and PMs. Knew there was a reason I loved this fandom.”

    “Hi guys. Sorry, don’t know why I was so hesitant to say this yesterday but my request is actually really simple. Some may call it silly, which might be why I was hesitant, but here it is,” the post concluded.

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