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    “I Would Be More Than Willing To Take Up The Role Again”: Jessica Alba Wants To Return As Sue Storm In MCU’s ‘Fantastic Four’

    After forever, the Fantastic Fourare finally coming to the MCU but with a brand new set of actors portraying Marvel’s First Family. Jessica Alba, the star of the 2005 and 2007 ‘Fantastic Four’ movies, surprisingly is quite vocal about her desire to reprise her role as Sue Storm. 

    Additionally, his news has given fans a taste of nostalgia. As a result, many fans are asking whether there is a possibility Alba will return as the character or if the MCU will go in a new direction. 

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    Jessica Alba’s Take On Sue Storm’s Role In Upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ 

    Jessica Alba as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four
    Jessica Alba as Sue Storm in ‘Fantastic Four’

    Alba, who played Sue Storm, was exceptional in the earlier Fantastic Four movies. Additionally, the actress provided strength, intelligence, and compassion to the character, which highlighted Sue’s leadership skills and her ability to be invisible. Alba’s words about her affection for the character and the fact that Sue was one of a kind in the given context of superhero movies will always be touching for those who cherish those films. 

    Alba said in an interview with ET, “No one has approached me concerning it, but I would be more than willing to take up the role again,” she stated. “I loved that character and I felt like she was so unique in the Marvel universe at the time. There weren’t a ton of female superheroes like her,” she added. 

    Moreover, it is pretty clear that Jessica had a bond with the character. To many she was the first superhero role model, a strong woman who did not have to fight with her muscles but her brain and authority.

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    Is Jessica Alba’s Return Possible?

    Jessica Alba as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four
    Jessica Alba as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four

    Marvel Studios is famous for its experiments, including constantly changing the characters, often reimagining characters for a modern audience. However, there’s also precedent for bringing back actors from previous iterations. Even J. K. Simmons returned as J. Jonah Jameson in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’. So, anything is possible.

    Additionally, People surely want Alba to come back as Sue Storm. She could bring her experience and understanding of this character to the show further giving it a nostalgic twist. However, it is up to Marvel to decide, it’s possible that they decide to start an entirely new character arc. One thing’s for certain, audiences will be looking forward to how this famous character will be portrayed.

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