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    Know All About Marvel’s Greek Demi-God “Hercules” As ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Introduces The Hero In A Post-Credit Scene

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a prominent character–Thor, son of Odin, from Norse mythology, involved majorly in the MCU storyline. The recent release, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ witnesses a crossover between Norse and Greek mythology.

    This is a big win for all the Greek mythology nerds. In the future, the possibility of new characters from Greek mythology making an appearance and influencing the storyline is rather high. Hercules is number one on this list and fans are looking forward to seeing the big guy on the silver screen soon. So, Who is this hero, and what is his origin story?

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    Who Is Hercules? The Comic Origin Of The Hero

    Hercules in the Comics
    Hercules in the Comics

    Hercules is the Greek Demi-god of Zeus, the Greek god of the Sky. Both these characters appear in the post-credit scene of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’ Hercules made his debut in the Avengers comic book issue 10 in November 1964. The readers didn’t see much of his appearance or action until he reappeared in Journey into Mystery Annual issue #1 from 1965. 

    A duel between Thor and Hercules will be the next best scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, considering that we might see Hercules on the big screens very soon. Hercules has powers similar to Thor. Apart from his immortality and godly fame, his immense physical strength and immunity to physical injuries and threats already make him a celebrated hero. Thor Odinson next to Hercules will make a lot of noise! 

    In the comic books, Hercules develops a friendly rivalry with Thor Odinson. The fight between them is to answer one question—who is more powerful amongst the two? His allyship with Thor leads him to join the Avengers later. He plays an important role in fighting off evils and threats, both on Earth and off-world. 

    The New Greek Demi-God Hero Can Soon Appear In MCU

    Hercules coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Soon
    Thor: Love and Thunder Post Credit Scene featuring Zeus, Greek God of the Sky

    In the first post-credit scene of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ we see Russell Crowe playing Zeus. Fans had already speculated about his role through the movie trailers. The post-credit scene expresses Zeus’ disappointment over the current status of the Gods As no person fears them. As a result of this, Zeus asks his son Hercules to kill Thor so people are once again scared of them.

    The Hercules in the MCU will definitely be different from the Avengers comics, and it’s still a mystery to the new elements and changes that the MCU can bring to the table.

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