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    Loki Wasn’t The Only Major Villain In The Early Versions Of ‘The Avengers’ Planned By Marvel

    The 2012 MCU film ‘The Avengers‘ brought Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together and is etched in pop culture history. However, what if Loki wasn’t the sole villain testing the team’s mettle? 

    A deep dive into early script drafts reveals a scrapped plan for other villains, Loki, the Red Skull, and Ezekiel Stane. Additionally, while the three-villain team-up never came to life, it’s fascinating to consider the possibilities.

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    Inclusion Of The Red Skull And Ezekiel Stane Would’ve Posed A Bigger Threat To The Avengers

    Red Skull
    Red Skull

    Originally, writer Zak Penn envisioned a team-up between Loki and the Red Skull, Captain America’s nemesis from The First Avenger.’ Additionally, this reunion of past and present foes would have added a historical weight to the conflict. 

    The Red Skull, presumed dead after his brush with the Tesseract in ‘Captain America,’ could have been resurrected or empowered by Loki using the same cosmic cube. This power boost would have allowed the Red Skull to pose a genuine cosmic threat.

    While the prospect of Loki and the Red Skull working together seems unlikely on the surface, their shared desire for domination could have forged a twisted alliance. Additionally, the Red Skull could have promised Loki access to advanced weaponry or alien technology in exchange for his help in conquering Earth. 

    Another contender for Loki’s villainous partner was Ezekiel Stane, son of Obadiah Stane, the villain from Iron Man.’ This choice would have introduced a new generation of evil to the MCU. Ezekiel, inheriting his father’s company Stane Industries, could have used its vast resources to develop technology specifically designed to counter the Avengers’ abilities.  

    The inclusion of Ezekiel would have also tied thematically to the ‘Iron Man’ film, showcasing the ripple effects of Tony Stark‘s actions. Moreover, the opportunist Loki could have manipulated Ezekiel’s ambition and resentment towards Stark.

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    How Loki, Red Skull And Ezekiel Stane Could Have Conquered The MCU

    Ezekiel Stane
    Ezekiel Stane

    Imagine a scenario where Loki, the God of Mischief, wasn’t alone in his quest for domination. This villainous triumvirate would pose a significant challenge due to their diverse skill sets. Red Skull could use his leadership and knowledge of war strategy to orchestrate a global attack.  

    Loki could sow discord amongst humanity and the Avengers, creating openings for Red Skull’s forces. Ezekiel’s technological advancements would provide the firepower to overwhelm Earth’s defenses. Despite their potential for dominance, a major weakness in this alliance would be the clashing egos of the villains.  

    Loki’s thirst for power and recognition could easily conflict with Red Skull’s desire for complete control. Ezekiel, driven by his own agenda of revenge against Stark, might not fully align with the goals of the other two. Additionally, these internal conflicts could create opportunities for the Avengers to exploit.

    In conclusion, while the combined might of Loki, Red Skull, and Ezekiel Stane might have initially overwhelmed the Avengers, their internal conflicts and insatiable ambitions would ultimately be their undoing. Ultimately, the decision to focus on Loki as the sole villain streamlined the plot and allowed for a deeper exploration of his character. 

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