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    Marvel Has Decided To Bring In Fresh Faces For Kang And The Kang Council 

    Kang The Conqueror first came on-screen in Loki as one of the most formidable villains in the MCU. Kang is an expert time traveler and several alternate versions of him have appeared all over different storylines. Some of his alternative versions are Rama-Tut, Immortus, Scarlet Centurion, Victor Timely, Iron Lad, and Mister Gryphon.

    Marvel Phases Four and Phase Five projects have failed miserably and the fandom has grown wary of any new projects. However, the MCU is trying hard to revive itself to meet the same success as the Avengers. And now they have decided to make a change to Kang and the Kang Council. So let’s take a look. 

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    Who Would Portray Kang The Conqueror? 

    The future of one of MCU’s most formidable villains hangs by a thread after Marvel fired Jonathan Majors, the actor who portrayed Kang. According to the comics, Kang is one very complicated character. And now Marvel has reportedly found a Hollywood A-lister to play the villain. 

    But it must be kept in mind that this is just a Marvel rumor and nothing has been confirmed by the studios yet. There have been multiple fan casts ever since Kang appeared in Loki. But it remains to be seen whom Marvel Studios has picked for Kang Prime. 

    Most excitingly, the Kang Council will reportedly be played by different actors in the future. The Kang Council consists of over a thousand different versions of Kang spread across the multiverse. So it will be a very difficult task if the MCU decides to cast a different actor for every version. So let’s see what happens. 

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    How Did Fans React To Kang’s Recasting? 

    Fans have wanted a different actor to portray Kang Prime for a long time. They have even suggested many fan casts on social media. Fans are welcoming the change with hope that it might just save the MCU. 

    Fan casts of the supervillain include Denzel Washington, Colman Domingo, John Boyega, and many more. Now will Marvel take one of these suggestions or find someone of their own remains to be seen? Check out the fan reactions right here. 

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