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    ‘Ms. Marvel’ Producer Responds To “Woke” Criticism Of The Disney+ Series

    The fascinating origin narrative of Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, as she transformed into an MCU superhero, finally concluded with the sixth and final episode of ‘Ms. Marvel’ on Disney+. Even while the series has had a great degree of success in its first six weeks, it has also been subjected to a significant amount of criticism from fans.

    What’s worse is that a lot of this criticism was posted even before the first episode of ‘Ms. Marvel’ had aired on Disney+, with people review-bombing the program on IMDB in early June. Additionally, there was some disapproval of Marvel’s “kowtowing” to the “woke mob” and focusing on social problems rather than the storylines of its characters.

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    Sana Amanat Responds To Ms. Marvel’s “Woke” Criticism

    Sana Amanat And Ms Marvel
    Sana Amanat And Ms Marvel

    Sana Amanat, the producer ofMs. Marvel,’ spoke to NBC News about the criticism the show has received, particularly the complaint that it is too “woke.”

    Although she hated to see it thrown down the way it has been, Amanat saw it as fans taking it from “a place of anger” owing to an inability to connect with the characters or the subject.

    “I think it comes from a place of anger and a sense that their identities are being threatened. If they can’t connect with it, then that’s OK. I just wish they wouldn’t try to put it down,” Amanat said.

    They were prepared for some bad reviews, but they wanted to focus on the positive side of the show’s reception. Also, she gushed about how wonderful it was to witness Kamala’s connection to her culture as she came to terms with who she really is.

    Amanat further added, “It’s amazing to see how they’re internalizing that imagery. I just hope it gives them a sense of competency that, frankly, I didn’t have growing up, and a sense of connectedness inside of their culture and who they are because I think that’s incredibly important.”

    Amanat also addressed Yasmeen Fletcher’s Nakia, whose feminism and voice she hoped the play will properly represent: “The biggest challenge is making sure that we represented the feminism and strong voice that Nakia specifically has.”

    For Nakia’s character to grow, she had to compete for a spot on the mosque board, which opened the eyes of viewers to what life is like in a mosque. Amanat said, “It’s a lovely way of showcasing the mosque and Nakia’s role at the mosque, but also the larger context of it because so many people have such a specific point of view of what mosque life is.”

    ‘Ms. Marvel’ Team Doesn’t Care About “Woke” Comments

    Ms. Marvel Cast
    Ms. Marvel Cast

    Critics have taken issue with the portrayal of LGBTQIA+ characters in both ‘Eternals’ and ‘Doctor Strange: The Multiverse Of Madness’ in recent years. The ‘Ms. Marvel’ debate is a different type of criticism, but Sana Amanat and Iman Vellani don’t seem concerned in the least.

    In spite of the prevalence of such criticism in the film industry nowadays, the show’s makers prefer to focus on the positive aspects of their work instead.

    At the time of writing, ‘Ms. Marvel’ has a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes rating, making it one of the best-reviewed Phase 4 MCU films to date. Even if this sort of criticism doesn’t go away anytime soon, Marvel Studios has figured out how to focus their attention on the proper portions of the MCU conversation.

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