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    Russo Brothers Wanted To Direct ‘Avengers 5’ But Marvel Turned Them Down In A Sad But Strategic Move. Here’s Why

    Marvel is very secretive about its projects and what is going to happen to the Avengers in the future still remains a mystery to the public. Additionally, the rumors stating that the Russo Brothers would direct Avengers 5 have been debunked.

    The rumor was very believable as the Russo Brothers are behind some of the major Marvel hits like Avengers: Infinity War’ and Avengers: Endgame.’ Moreover, the reason behind them being declined the opportunity to direct is even stranger.

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    Why Were The Russo Brothers Rejected For ‘Avengers 5’?

    The Russo Brothers
    The Russo Brothers

    Jeff Sneider while talking on The Hot Mic revealed that the Russo Brothers also expressed their desire to direct ‘Avengers 5.’ “I’ve heard the Russos wanted it,” he said. Additionally, the reasoning behind them being rejected was a little strange.

    Jeff talked about how they were rejected due to budget constraints. Their being over budget for their recent project was a big factor. “If you’re Marvel, yes, it’s Avengers 5, you’re already breaking the bank on talent, right? Because you’re getting 66 people back, I think it is, do you really spend money to bring the Russos back when they also can’t control a budget on a movie like The Electric State?” Jeff added.

    While some fans are disappointed at the news it has instilled many questions in the minds of the fans. If not the Russo Brother then who else is going to direct the much-awaited film of the Avengers Franchise? Additionally, fans being disappointed at the news is not surprising.

    The Russo Brothers had an unpretentious chemistry with the Avengers that can be considered historic. They gave two of the most successful movies known to date and gave a satisfying end to the Infinity saga. Their portrayal of the characters was loved by spectators all around the globe. 

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    Which Director Could Be A Perfect Fit For ‘Avengers 5’?

    The Avengers
    The Avengers

    There is an increasing uncertainty of who will replace the Russo Brothers for ‘Avengers 5.’  Several of the best directors come to mind. Taika Waititi, who brought his signature humor to ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ might be a possibility. His portrayal of both action and comedy can be a plus and a perfect fit for the Avengers. 

    Another candidate might be Destin Daniel Cretton, whose ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings‘ is beloved by the fans. Subsequently, the ambiguity on the future of the Avengers remains. Additionally, Marvel Studios has a unique opportunity to reboot the franchise.

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