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    Spider-Man: 5 Times Peter Parker Died In The Comics

    Many times Spider-Man has managed to touch the brink of death and come back, unfortunately, the web-slinger has not been that lucky always. Although the 616 version of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is famous and well-known to fans, there are other variants that are powerful, dangerous, and witty.

    In other timelines, Spider-Man is consumed by grief and rage, also controlled by corrupting symbiotes or defeated by manipulative villains. Sadly, in some of these dark alternate universes, he also dies. An invincible hero becomes boring, hence here are the five times Peter Parker has died in comics. 

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    5. Spider-Man Was Slain By Kraven The Hunter

    Kraven the hunter

    The wanna-be Spider-Man killed Peter Parker in the most iconic comic story of Kraven the Hunter. Kraven shoots Spider-Man and buries him, taking over the role of web-slinger proving to be a better version of Spider-Man. Although his role as a fake web-slinger lasts for only two weeks, Kraven was able to prove himself superior to him. He captures Vermin, who Spidy couldn’t have done without Captain America’s assistance.

    But a hero cannot stay dead, right? Spider-Man revives and digs himself out of his own grave and discovers Kraven who has reached the peak of self-satisfaction with the victory. Kraven then abruptly retires leaving evidence behind to prove the hero’s innocence while he was impersonating him.

    4. Morlun Brutally Destroyed Spider-Man 1602 


    The Spider-Verse event was one of the largest and coolest Spider-Man comic storylines introducing hundreds of Spider-Prople from across the multiverse. While the comic was fun and exciting, it also was full of violent death scenes.

    Morlun is a vampiric dimension-hopping Spider-Totum hunter, along with The Inheritors hunts and slaughters countless multiverse Spider-People and Spider-Totems. In his epic final battle with Spider-Man, however, he fails to kill him but instead only inflicts grave injuries, breaks his wrist to disable his web shooters, and eats an eyeball he plucks out, while alternate Mary Jane watched helplessly. Although Spider-Man was saved by Miles Morales and an army of Spider-Man who distracts Morlun and traps him, a lot of the variants across various timelines were killed brutally.

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    3. Spider-Man Killed By The Venom Symbiote

    Secret War Comic Spiderman Causality
    Secret War Comic Spiderman Causality

    Peter Parker brings an alien costume with him from Battleworld in Secret Wars which effected negatively impacted his decision-making. However, Peter was able to avoid symbiosis with his suit and left it there until it later escaped and bonded with Eddie Brock to become Venom.  

    But in an alternate reality visited in ‘What If…?‘ issue 4, Peter Parker is unable to rid himself of the venom suit and ends up permanently bonded to it. This alien drains Spidey’s life energy and abandons him for The Hulk, leaving the web-slinger a weakened old man who dies shortly after one final farewell to Aunt May. Before his death, Peter Parker’s extensive research on defeating the alien suit gave the Avengers a chance to fight it. However, Black Cat kills it in the end. 

    2. Terraxia Took Spider-Man’s Life


    During the 1991 Infinity Gauntlet issue 4, Lady Death suddenly left the overpowered Thanos, after which he created Terraxia to replace her. If only love would ever be replaced! She was created according to his likeness but with several imperfections. 

    Terraxia was extremely powerful as she managed to rip off Iron Man’s head. When Spider-Man attached Thanos, she immediately went to defend her creator and beat Spiderman to a pulp with a rock. Being loyal to Thanos, she showed the bloody rock to Thanos as proof that Spider-Man was indeed dead. This was Spider-Man’s first major death in the main continuity of Earth-616 but he was revived then the effects of Thanos’ chaos were annulled.

    1.‘Death Of The Greatest Hero of All’

    Peter Parker and MJ

    In 2001, Marvel decided to give Earth’s Spider-Man a proper send-off in the storyline Death of the Greatest Hero of All, which resulted in his death. 

    Spider-Man took Pnisher’s bullet which was aimed at Captain America, the bullet inside him kept weakening him. Yet Peter Parker went on a battle against the Six and Norman Osborn putting up a good fight. But because of the bullet, Peter Parker became weak and sustained several fatal injuries during the fight. Spider-Man ultimately gave in and died in the arms of Mary Jane Watson. Tragic yet romantic, to die in the arms of your love!

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