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    ‘The Marvels’ Continues Its Disappointing Trend Even With Disney+ Release 

    ‘The Marvels’ starring Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris created a devastating record at the box office as well as on the Rotton Tomatoes. ‘The Marvels‘ served as a sequel for the 2019 ‘Captain Marvel’ which revolved around the titular character. Despite great potential, the film did not reach the success of its predecessor. 

    The fans have blamed superhero fatigue for the failure of ‘The Marvels’. This also leaves fans wondering why ‘The Marvels’ had a very delayed OTT debut despite releasing on November 10.

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    ‘The Marvels’ Facing A Delayed Release Over Disney+

    Brie Larson returns for 'The Marvels'
    Brie Larson returns for ‘The Marvels’

    While ‘Captain Marvel’ earned $1.13 billion at the worldwide box office, ‘The Marvels’ only managed to make $206.08 million, setting the record for the lowest-earning Marvel movies ever. And now after three months, the film finally made its OTT debut on February 7. 

    ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ and ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania‘ took 89 days to make their OTT debut, continuing the same trend, ‘The Marvels’ have taken the same amount of days to be released on Disney+. Maybe if the film was released on the OTT platform immediately after its theatrical release, then it might have made a decent amount at the box office.

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    Iman Vellani On Working With A Diverse Cast 

    Iman Vellani in Ms. Marvel
    A still from Ms. Marvel

    Iman Vellani plays the role of Kamla Khan, who is the MCU’s first mutant. Unlike the other Marvel films, ‘The Marvel’ portrays and celebrates sisterhood, featuring all three female actresses in the lead.

    While working with Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris, Vellani shared her experience of being a part of a diverse cast. She said, “I learnt so much working with Brie and Teyonah on and off the screen. It was different from when we did the show with Ms Marvel where everyone was kind of like the same age.”

    The Ms Marvel actress also added, “Here we had much more mature actors like Sam Jackson. There were a lot of sweet moments on set and everyone was very protective of each other, especially over me. So I had really incredible role models.”

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