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    Christian Bale’s Gorr The God Butcher Gets A More Comic Accurate Look In New Fan Art

    A fan edit Of Gorr the God Butcher is doing rounds on social media. This edit has transformed Christian Bale’s look in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘. It gives an accurate comic portrayal of the character.

    Twitter user @AnotherMarvelGuy shared someone’s amazing editing techniques that transformed Gorr’s character. He shared stills of Bale’s Gorr from the film’s recent trailer with a few slight differences.

    Fan Edit Shows Gorr The God Butcher In A New Look

    This new appearance better resembles Gorr’s depiction in Marvel comics. It is portrayed as a uniquely alien creature. It has two head tails instead of humanoid ears and a smooth mound where a nose would be. Though the edits’ original artist is unknown.

    The Twitter user started a poll among its followers on which they preferred: the movie version, the comics-accurate edit, or neither. The poll results showed over 60% of users said they prefer Bale’s official Gorr look.

    Thor: Love and Thunder‘ movie trailer doesn’t give away too much of the God Butcher’s motives or abilities. Though it’s clear he’s a threat to all of the known deities of the MCU. In the trailer, we can see him having a face-off against Thor. Surprisingly, with nothing but a grim-looking sword.

    Gorr’s Storyline In The Comics

    Christian Bale plays Gorr
    Christian Bale plays Gorr

    In the comics, the creature who would become the God Butcher was born on an unnamed planet. He was taught to put faith in the gods, but also experienced many hardships such as the untimely death of his parents. When a battle between two gods caused one of them to crash onto Gorr’s planet and beg for aid, he killed the wounded god with a fluid like a black sword. Bale’s Gorr has been shown wielding a large blade, but it’s still unclear if its true identity is All-Black the Necrosword.

    It was also noted how Gorr makes several references to the selfishness of gods in the trailer. But details are still unclear. No one knows just how far the God Butcher is willing to go in his pursuit of their annihilation.

    Gods are nothing new to the MCU and the Thor movies especially. Though indeed they’ve never been introduced in such high numbers. Many of the scenes see an interaction between Thor, Jane Foster and King Valkyrie also with that outside of their pantheon. References are made by higher powers of the MCU. This is teased throughout the trailer.

    Thor: Love and Thunder’ will release in theatres near you on July 8.

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