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    ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Depicts Zeus As A Sniveling Coward But Comics Tell A Different Story

    Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love And Thunder hit the theatres a few weeks ago and has met with mixed responses. While the performances and the humor were lauded, the over storyline drew criticism.

    The 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) had also taken a leap of faith when it came to depicting Zeus who is shown as a sniveling coward, unlike the comic books.

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    Zeus Is Shown Differently in The Film From The Comics

    Hercules coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Soon
    Thor: Love and Thunder Post Credit Scene featuring Zeus, Greek God of the Sky

    A sequel to ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ Waititi’s ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ was hyped up much before the release, mainly due to the director returning for a second Thor film. But also because of the introduction of Christain Bale’s villainous character of Gorr The God Butcher.

    But another interesting character from the film, Zeus the king of Olympians (played by Rusell Crowe) caught the attention of some comic book fans.

    The character of the Greek god Zeus first appeared in the Marvel comics in 1949. He was known as the God of the heavens, sky, and weather; he was depicted as a humanoid being from the dimension of Olympus.

    The film differs from the comic in several departments including the costume, his relationship as a mentor to Thor (unlike the film) to the fact that he is known as a lewd womanizer.

    Unlike the comics where Zeus is all powerful and serious, he is depicted in a goofy manner in the film. In the comics, however, he is stoic, serious and someone to respect and fear. Zeus is called God of Gods in the comics and for very good reasons. He defeated Titans at a young age and imprisoned them in Tartarus.

    Zeus once almost attacked Celestial, one of the most powerful beings in MCU. He has defeated Hulk with ease and subdued Eternals to be his representatives on Earth. Once Zeus broke a fight between Thor and Hercules with a single hit of his thunderbolt after they were battling for a very long time.

    In comics, Zeus is depicted as all-powerful and self-sustaining which means he can survive without food, water, and oxygen. He also has a healing and regenerating capability and can grow organs and body limbs if needed.

    ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Roars At The Box Office Minting Over $300 Million

    A still from 'Thor: Love and Thunder'
    A still from ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

    Despite the mixed critical reviews, the audiences seem to be loving the fourth solo Thor film. It has so far earned a total of around $329 million at the box office. The film minted $170 million in the United States and Canada and $159.2 million from the rest of the territories.

    Made on a budget of $250 million, the film has already broken even and is running successfully in the theatres. ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is among the top five in the list of highest-grossing films after the COVID-19 pandemic and the tenth highest grosser of 2022.

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