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    Watch: Ryan Reynolds’ Cryptic Instagram Post Hints At Deadpool Joining The Avengers

    Marvel enthusiasts are in for a wild ride! Ryan Reynolds, the actor who portrays Deadpool, has started a fire of rumors with one Instagram message. The seemingly innocent clip he shared has the world wide web abuzz with the idea of Deadpool appearing in the ‘Avengers 5.’

    Recently, Kevin Feige also hinted at both Deadpool and Wolverine appearing in more than just the upcoming film ‘Deadpool and Wolverine‘. Now, Reynolds’ post has intensified the excitement among fans even more. Here’s what his post is about.

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    Ryan Reynolds Sets Internet Abuzz With A Cryptic Instagram Post

    Ryan Reynolds Post

    Ryan Reynolds recently took to Instagram to post a raw video of a flag with the Avengers logo waving in the wind. In the video, the logo is defaced with an anarchy symbol in black spray paint, which is Deadpool’s signature move. Is this Reynolds’ way of toying with the viewers, or is this a foreshadowing of the events that are to come? 

    Taking into consideration the fact that Reynolds is often referred to as a marketing genius, the post’s timing cannot be overlooked. Details about the ‘Avengers 5’ movie have not been released yet. However, shooting for this movie is expected to commence in two years.

    Is Reynolds already setting up Deadpool for a role in the early stages of the film? Although Marvel Studios has not said anything about this, the rumors are now spreading like wildfire. There are countless theories about how Deadpool can be introduced into the Avengers universe.  

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    Is It Possible For Deadpool To Join The Avengers?

    Deadpool and the Avengers
    Deadpool and the Avengers

    For years, Deadpool was in his own film universe, bringing his very own fourth-wall-breaking comedy and violence to the big screen. However, since Disney bought 20th Century Fox, the anti-hero is set to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And what better way to make a grand entrance than with the Avengers? 

    Additionally, many reasons can be given why it is a cause for celebration that Deadpool is included in the MCU. First, it adds a new beloved character. The comedic aspect of Deadpool and his ability to kill off enemies with humor will also be a great addition. So, his inclusion in the MCU will surely bring a different level of energy. 

    This is a character that isn’t shy about making jokes about superheroes and the cliches that have been created around them. His mere existence could complicate the Avengers’ (and the MCU’s) perspective on humor.

    Imagine the possibilities! Iron Man going head to head with Deadpool, Captain America losing his temper with Deadpool who makes jokes while in a dire situation, and a lot more. However, with no official confirmation, fans can do nothing but wait with excitement.

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