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    5 Historical Biopics To Watch After Cillian Murphy-Starrer ‘Oppenheimer’

    Christopher Nolan’s remarkable ‘Oppenheimer’ has impressed critics and audiences alike. The film stars Cillian Murphy as J Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. Nolan’s filmmaking brings to life the forever anguished physicist, played remarkably by Murphy. 

    ‘Oppenheimer’ doesn’t water down the poltics and the science behind the film, making it an immersive experience. Historical biopics are hard to conceive, but Nolan has done it. Fans of the genre should check out these five films after ‘Oppenheimer.’ These films also deal with complicated historical figures battling their inner turmoil.

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    5 Must Watch Historial Biopics Like ‘Oppenheimer’

    1. JFK (1991)

    'JFK' starring Kevin Costner.
    ‘JFK’ starring Kevin Costner.

    It’s no surprise that Oliver Stone’s masterpiece ‘JFK’ served as inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer.’ It’s a gripping thriller that uncovers the truth behind the most infamous political assassination. Like Oppenheimer, JFK doesn’t pull any punches regarding politics. Both movies feature scenes of astute investigations and chilling scenes of courtroom drama. 

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    2. Malcolm X (1992)

    Denzil Washington in 'Malcolm X.'
    Denzil Washington in ‘Malcolm X.’

    Like Oppenheimer, Malcolm X was a polarizing figure. In ‘Malcolm X,’ Denzil Washington as the bespeckled massiah looms large and breathes fire in Spike Lee’s ultra-stylish and no bars-hold biopic. Washington is almost celestial as a man who brought together African American community together despite the overwhelming odds. 

    3. Gandhi (1982)

    'Gandhi' starring Ben Kingsley (left).
    ‘Gandhi’ starring Ben Kingsley (left).

    Richard Attenborough’s biopic of the great Indian leader caused a stir when it won over Steven Spielberg’s ‘E.T..’ Still, it’s a biopic that has stood the test of times, thanks to Ben Kingsley’s reverential performance as Mahatma Gandhi. His performance as the barrister turned civic rights activist is so captivating you don’t feel tired by the film’s lengthy runtime.

    4. Lincoln (2012)

    Daniel Day-Lewis in 'Lincoln.'
    Daniel Day-Lewis (middle) in ‘Lincoln.’

    Steven Spielberg, the beloved American storyteller, got to tell the cinematic tale of Abraham Lincoln, the beloved American president. As soon as Daniel Day-Lewis was cast, he took a year off to study the president, from his reading his speeches to getting his weight right. In the movie, Lewis doesn’t ‘play’ Lincoln but transforms into him.

    5. Amadeus (1984)

    'Amadeus' starring Tom Hulce as Mozart.
    ‘Amadeus’ starring Tom Hulce as Mozart.

    Milos Forman’s sweeping biopic of the maestro also doubles as a great rivalry story. This biopic is the other obvious choice to watch after Oppenheimer, as Lewis Strauss’s jealousy of Oppenheimer is based on Salieri’s envy of Mozart. Like ‘Oppenheimer,’ it keeps the audience at the edge of their seat throughout its extended runtime.

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