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    ‘Barbie’ Actor Ryan Gosling’s Reaction To ‘I’m Just A Ken’ Winning Critics Choice Award Goes Viral

    ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’, like the box office, are also dominating the awards season. Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ became a huge box-office success and a critically acclaimed drama. There were many watershed moments in the film talking about women and a satiric take on the positions of men and women in society.

    Amongst all the moments, ‘Barbie’ marked everyone’s favorite Ken, Ryan Gosling’s singing debut. In a pivotal scene in the film, Ryan’s character breaks into singing about the plight of being a Ken. ‘I’m Just A Ken’ became a chart-topper and received a Grammy nomination. Recently, the song won the ‘Best Song’ award at the Critics Choice Awards, and Ryan Gosling’s reaction to the win is going viral.

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    Ryan Gosling Was Surprised After ‘I’m Just A Ken’ Won The Critics Choice Award

    Ryan Gosling's hilarious reaction to 'I'm Just A Ken' after it won 'Best Song' at the Critics Choice Awards
    Ryan Gosling’s hilarious reaction to ‘I’m Just A Ken’ after it won ‘Best Song’ at the Critics Choice Awards

    During the Critics Choice Awards, ‘Barbie’ dominated the nominations in both the acting and music departments. Three songs from the film—‘Dance the Night’ by Dua Lipa, ‘What Was I Made For’ by Billie Eilish, and ‘I’m Just A Ken’ by Ryan Gosling—were nominated.

    After the Golden Globe for ‘Best Song’ went to Billie Eilish, there was anticipation that she would also win the Critics Choice Award. However, to everyone, especially Ryan Gosling’s surprise, ‘I’m Just A Ken’ took home the trophy for ‘Best Song’.

    Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt went to receive the trophy. They thanked the actor, saying, “Ryan Gosling, this is as much as your award as ours. You made the audience fall in love with this song with your matchless performance, so thank you.” The ‘Notebook’ actor’s reaction to the win has triggered a meme fest on the internet.

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    Netizens React To The Actor’s Bombastic Side Eye

    Mark Ronson and Ryan Gosling at the Critics Choice Awards
    Mark Ronson and Ryan Gosling at the Critics Choice Awards

    When the presenters announced the winner of ‘Best Song’ at the Critics Choice Awards, Ryan Gosling gave one of the most hilarious reactions to ‘I’m Just A Ken’ winning the trophy. The reaction led to the netizens on Twitter, aka X, demanding a gif of Ryan giving a side eye to himself.

    During an interview with Vanity Fair, Mark Ronson revealed that it was Ryan Gosling’s idea to sing ‘I’m Just A Ken’ in ‘Barbie’. Greta Gerwig wrote a scene for the actor to perform the song in the film. Now, it has become a Grammy nominee.

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