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    Did Daniel Craig’s James Bond Cheat Death In ‘No Time To Die’? A Fan Theory Explains The Ultimate Escape

    In the world of cinema, anything is possible, even resurrection. It’s not uncommon for movie makers to make the fans cry their eyes out and then surprise them with a plot turn. And a cinematic twist that could rival any Bond plotline is expected by the fans for the next James Bond movie.

    Daniel Craig‘s final stint as the iconic spy in ‘No Time to Die’ left audiences both awestruck and teary-eyed. However, speculations about James’ apparent death are now rising. Do you think a world-class spy could pull off an escape job from a fire? Well, let us tell you how some fans do.

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    Clues Behind James Bond’s Act Of Vanishing

    James Bond (Image: Getty)
    James Bond (Image: Getty)

    The allure of James Bond doesn’t just in his impeccable suits and suave demeanor, but also in his ability to defy death. Even though ‘No Time to Die’ appeared to put an end to Bond’s career and life in a flash, some devoted fans are going back to view Craig’s last masterwork, ‘Skyfall,’ in hopes of finding hints that the plot may still have more to tell. Death is not necessarily the definitive end in the world of James Bond.

    In the climactic moments of ‘No Time to Die,’ Bond sacrifices himself to protect his people from a deadly virus. Yet, theories inspired by ‘Skyfall’ propose a clever ruse. Bond’s end goal has always been to live a peaceful life post-service. The fan theories suggest that since disappearing in the wilderness and being unknown is all he wanted, his demise could very well be a well-crafted illusion. Could the legendary spy have orchestrated his own death to finally live a life of anonymity with his family? A possible thought. 

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    How Could Bond Pull The Escape Job?

    Daniel Craig as James Bond
    Daniel Craig as James Bond

    As the explosion engulfs the island, could Bond’s water skills counter the fiery threat? The prospect of the secret agent eluding death underwater is not that big of a stretch. The theories suggest that a discreet plunge could have shielded him from the explosion, leaving him free to continue his covert life.

    For the next 007, Hollywood’s famed producer Barbara Broccoli doesn’t seem to be in the same excitement corner as the rest of the fans. Barbara is in no hurry to start the production taking, her time to perfect it. Her casting decisions align with a vision of reinventing James Bond, and injecting a fresh life into MI6’s iconic spy. 

    With two years since Craig’s farewell, the hunt for the next Bond has hit a fever pitch. Broccoli’s dedication to perfection leaves fans on the edge and anticipating the reveal of the next MI6 maestro.

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