Does Derek Hale Die In ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’?

The McCall Pack reunites almost after seven years! First announced in September 2021, all the characters from the 2011 ‘Teen Wolf’ series reunited for a film. The fans were looking forward to seeing the iconic Scott-Stiles duo back together and of course, Derek Hale, played by Tyler Hoechlin. Surprisingly, Allison Argent is back from the dead and reunites with the gang.

The movie begins fifteen years after the events of season six of ‘Teen Wolf‘. Scott and the pact are now grown-ups leading their separate lives. Scott McCall returns to Beacon Hills after his hometown Beacon Hills comes under the Nogitsune’s threat once again. He assembles the McCall Pack, with many of its members already living away from Beacon Hills. Those who have stayed behind include Derek, who now has a 15-year-old son, Eli Hale. Derek’s ultimate sacrifice for his son changes the entire fate of the McCall pack and the future of ‘Teen Wolf‘.

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What Happens To Derek Hale Die In ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’?

As an original cast member, Tyler Hoechlin’s departure from ‘Teen Wolf‘ season four was a big slam to the series. The actor was ready to experiment with his career, and it paid off big time as he scored the role of a lifetime playing Arrowverse’s Superman and co-headlining his own show in ‘Superman & Lois‘.

Despite playing many iconic roles, he is still remembered as Derek Hale. However, seeing him return to the ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie‘ is a delight, even though it also marked the end of his personal arc. In his final moments, Derek proved himself to be one of the most righteous of werewolves who become True Alpha. Unfortunately, his True Alpha power was not enough to save him from death.

Derek Hale sacrifices himself during the final battle between the McCall Pack and the Nogitsune. Recognizing the threat that the villain poses he chose to sacrifice himself in order to ensure that the Nogitsune was taken down once and for all and to protect his son Eli. Before the ultimate sacrifice, he tells the Alpha that Eli is now a part of his pack. This puts Scott in charge of looking after Eli since he is just a 15-year-old who has recently learned how to turn into a werewolf.

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Eli Hale’s Future

The ultimate sacrifice of Derek Hale leaves Eli Hale under Scott McCall’s care, who later becomes Eli’s mentor. Derek’s sacrifice to defeat the Dark Kitsune also made it safe for Allison to return back, reuniting with her first love. Scott and the rest of the gang would have to pay attention to Eli not just because he is a member of the McCall Pack, but because of his circumstances. First, he is still young, as seen in the movie – being immature and irresponsible at times. Secondly and, more significantly, he has just learned how to transform into a werewolf. This nature of his puts him in the middle of many dangerous circumstances that he may not be prepared for it.

However, the Paramount+ film also leaves some loose plot threads that could be the start of another Teen Wolf project‘, including a tease about Eli’s future as a werewolf. There are currently no announced plans for a ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie‘ sequel, although creator Jeff Davis confesses that there have been discussions about it. Eli’s story can continue with a potential sequel, but it may also be through long-form storytelling as another TV series in the ‘Teen Wolf ‘ franchise.

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