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    Dr. Strange 2: Who Is The Superior Iron Man?

    Marvel is currently in the process to expand its already gigantic MCU library. The studio just surprised fans with the recent announcement of 4 untitled projects into Phase V, which may officially introduce the Fantastic Four family and x-men franchise into MCU.

    Apart from that, what fans are busy with right now is Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness. With every passing day since the trailer was released, there is always some new information or some leaked details. And recently there is so much hype around Superior Iron Man’s character. So let’s dig into it and find out about this ultimate fella.

    Origin And Relevance To The Movie

    Superior Iron Man
    Superior Iron Man

    Superior Iron Man was part of Marvel’s axis storyline. Although that storyline did not see much success, Superior Iron Man’s story arc was loved by the fans. As for the origin story of this version of iron man, it’s almost the same as the main MCU iron man. The difference in their story is their characteristics and moral compass.

    The best thing about the MCU iron man is that he had learned from his mistakes and matured over time. In this storyline, tony stark never faced any consequences for his actions. He was never abducted by the Ten Rings organization, which was the most critical part of tony stark’s life. So to understand in a jiffy, Superior Iron Man is just like how the main MCU tony was before the Afghanistan mishap, arrogant greedy, and obnoxious.

    A Messed Up But Technologically Superior Iron Man

    Superior Iron Man
    Possible scene of Superior Iron Man in Dr. Strange 2

    In the Axis storyline, Superior Iron Man Has advanced his technology to the god tier. He is one of the most powerful beings in his universe and this is why he will most likely be introduced as an Illuminati member in dr. Strange 2. But unlike the main MCU Iron Man, this version only believes in profiting himself. He sells off his technology to wealthy suiters and leverages his position as a superhero. 

    You can say Superior Iron Man is an evil version of Iron Man just like Strange Supreme is an evil version of Dr. Strange. Although They are not villains in the traditional sense, they are just greedy and selfish people who prefer their well-being over the greater good.

    Who Will Play The Role?

    Tom Cruise as Ironman
    Tom Cruise as Ironman

    Right now there are only speculations about who Marvel has roped to play the part. But most significant of those rumors suggest that mission impossible fame Tom Cruise could be playing the character. 

    According to now confirmed news by Marvel itself, Tom Cruise was the first choice to play the part in the initial Iron Man movie. But he refused then and now it would be the perfect timing for him to fill the shoes of now-departed Robert Downey jr. 

    Iron man is one of the most famous characters right now in MCU. Marvel fans are eager to get Iron Man back to MCU in any way possible.

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