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    “Felt This Essence Of A Little Kid Again”: Lindsay Lohan Reminisces Her Childhood Acting Days On Return To Disney Sets For ‘Freaky Friday 2’

    Lindsay Lohan may have emerged as one of the well-known actresses over the span of her career, but she will always be a Disney girl for her oldest fans. Lohan has starred in several Disney movies including ‘The Parent Trap, ‘Get A Clue’, ‘Freaky Friday, ‘Confession Of A Teenage Drama Queen’ and ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ among others.

    While she is now a renowned actress in the industry, Lohan’s attachment to the Disney world as her initial steps into Hollywood will always remain with her. The actress is currently working on the sequel of ‘Freaky Friday’, and during an interview to promote it, she went down the memory lane, reminiscing her Disney days.

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    Lindsay Lohan Went Down To The Disney Memory Lane


    Lindsay Lohan was speaking during an interview with Nightline when she spoke about her excitement and feelings ahead of her return to Walt Disney for the sequel of ‘Freaky Friday‘. She said that she felt “like a kid” again returning to the Disney sets.

    I think really for me was when I went onto the Disney lot. And being back on the Disney lot because that’s not just Freaky Friday for me. That’s The Parent Trap, that’s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, that’s Herbie,” Lohan said.

    For half of her childhood, the actress has worked in Disney movies and the nostalgia came back as she visited the place again. “It’s so many moments for me. So when I got there, I kind of felt like this essence of a little kid again,” she said.

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    “Much Freakier Than You Would Expect”: Lindsay Lohan On ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel

    Freaky Friday

    Lindsay Lohan also shared the details of her film ‘Freaky Friday 2‘, describing it as “much freakier than you would expect”. Lohan is returning after 20 years with her co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, with whom she shares a very close relationship.

    Speaking of her, Lohan said, “Jamie and I have stayed in touch over the years. So it’s kind of, you know, they always say, like, when you have a best friend or someone who you are really close with, if you cannot see them for years and years, but when you see them again, it’s like you never separated.”

    Last month, the duo also shared a fun Instagram post with them holding hands and smiling, sitting on the trailer of another co-star. They are now set reprise their roles as mother and daughter Tess and Anna in the film scheduled for a release in theatres in 2025.

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