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    Are Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsay Lohan Returning For ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel?

    Jamie Lee Curtis is a legendary actress in Hollywood. Starting her career with horror films, Curtis then went on to do all kinds of genre films in her long and successful career. One of the most memorable films of her career is the comedy flick’ ‘Freaky Friday‘, co-starring Lindsay Lohan.

    Recently, both actresses talked about doing a sequel to the 2003 fantasy comedy. The film recently clocked 20 years and to celebrate it, both Curtis and Lohan gave updates on the film’s sequel plans. So let’s find out in detail what the two said and whether are they going to return for it.

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    Lindsay Lohan Recalls Shooting ‘Freaky Friday’

    Lindsay Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan

    Freaky Friday‘ remains a cult classic and an important film in the careers of Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. To celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary, the two gave an interview to The New York Times.

    As an 11-year-old, The Parent Trap felt so big to me. I threw myself into everything: accents, green screens, playing two people“, Lohan said. “So I felt comfortable after that. Freaky Friday felt different because I was going through all of the phases of a 16-year-old.

    She then recalls putting white stripes on her hair as it was “the era of Avril Lavigne and punk” which Lohan wanted to experience.

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    Jamie Lee Curtis Opens Up About The Sequel

    Actress Jamie Lee Curtis
    Jamie Lee Curtis

    In the same interview, Curtis recalled shooting the film. “Had I had all the time in the world to prepare, I don’t think it would’ve been so good. I just had to be in my body,” she said.

    She added, “I was also newly sober and I was able to have a community within the movie-work world. That was a big deal for me.” The Oscar winner said that her relationship with Lohan “was very easy“.

    When asked about the sequel, Lohan said: “Jamie and I are both open to that, so we’re leaving it in the hands that be.” Earlier this year, Curtis had said that it is “going to happen.” In the interview, she said that she had talks with Disney executives over this.

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