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    ‘Harry Potter, Thank You For Making Our Childhood Magical’ – 5 Scenes From The Series That Made Us Cry

    The ‘Harry Potter‘ series is something that has impacted us all. The books as well as the movies have managed to successfully impress and enchant us beyond belief for several consecutive years. Then, on New Year 2022, ‘Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts‘ was released in which the cast from the film series reunited and embarked on a journey down memory lane with nostalgic conversations while celebrating 20 years since the first film. Its exponential viewership proved that the craze for Harry Potter hasn’t gone down even after decades. Recently, Twitter celebrated the birthday of ‘the boy who lived’.

    Decades on, the movies still stir up emotions. We are looking back at several moments in the ‘Harry Potter‘ series that were absolutely heartbreaking. 


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    5. Deaths Of Sirius, Dumbledore, And Fred

    Some tragic deaths of characters
    Some tragic deaths of beloved characters

    One of the most shocking moments of the ‘Harry Potter‘ series is the death of our beloved character Albus Dumbledore. It actually brings more shock than sadness to some, but it is a moment that combines both emotions.

    In addition, Sirius Black’s death was also a difficult one to take, for Harry and the viewers. At that moment Harry breaks, having lost the only bit of true family he had left.

    Another moment that hit hard was the realization that Fred had died. Ron and the Weasleys were in tears while Harry looked both upset and shocked, and then almost angry, knowing what he must do.

    4. Dobby’s Last Moments

    Dobby dies.
    Dobby dies

    Everyone’s favorite house-elf, Dobby, was a beloved character with a lot of value to both Harry and fans. Though he meets his heartbreaking end. He dies in Harry’s arms after uttering his last words: “such a beautiful place, to be with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friend, Harry Potter.”

    3. Hermione Erasing Her Parents’ Memories

    A sad moment for Hermoine indeed
    A sad moment for Hermione indeed

    With attacks against the muggles on the rise with Voldemort’s return, Hermione tries to protect her parents. It’s heartbreaking to see her erase her mom and dad’s memories of her when they least expect it as well as all traces of herself from her childhood home. If anything would have happened to her during the final battle against Voldemort, her parents wouldn’t have known, which is even more painful.

    ​2. Harry Seeing His Parents In The Mirror Of Erised

    Harry sees his parents
    Harry sees his parents

    Potter had never known much about his parents because his uncle and aunt hated everything about magic. It was only when Hagrid first came to get him that Harry learned more about Lily and James Potter and the kind of people they were. Later, when he discovered the Mirror of Erised, it marked one of the first times that Harry ever got to see what his parents looked like, rather than just hearing about his resemblance to them from other people. It was all bittersweet as Dumbledore revealed that the mirror simply shows people what their hearts most desire.

    ​1. Snape’s “Always” Declaration Before Dying

    Snape's last immortal words
    Snape’s last immortal words

    Snape has an emotional death, with his dying words being “you have your mother’s eyes”. Post that, a rollercoaster of emotion and information comes with the memory he gave Harry before dying. From there it is revealed Snape knew about Dumbledore’s hunt for Horcruxes and that the headmaster knew Malfoy was going to kill him but begged Snape to do it. Snape was the one who cast the Patronus to help Harry, a doe, the same as Lily, and his response to Dumbledore asking if he loved her was a tear-inducing “always”. Snape had been doing everything to protect Lily and Harry the whole time.

    Fans All Over The World Wish ‘Harry Potter’ Happy Birthday

    Our beloved character Harry Potter from the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, was born on this day! (31st July). His large army of fans has flooded the internet with wishes and love for the boy who lived. All the nostalgia seems to be hitting today pretty hard. Fans extend their warm wishes to author, JK Rowling as well. Take a look at how the fans wish Harry Potter on his birthday.




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