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    “I Couldn’t Have Hated The Whole Thing More”: Hugh Grant Opens Up About His Experience On The Set Of ‘Wonka’

    Hugh Grant‘s work on ‘Wonka‘ came across as a surprise to many. The brilliant actor plays the role of an Oompa Loompa in the film, next to Timothee Chalamet’s Willy Wonka.

    Though the role seems fun and is one of the best characters in the film, Grant opened up about his less-than-ideal experience on set. Here’s why an Oompa Loompa wasn’t one of Hugh’s favorite roles.

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    Hugh Grant’s Struggles On ‘Wonka’ Set

    A still from Wonka

    Hugh Grant didn’t really have the time of his life shooting for ‘Wonka‘. He opened up about his uncomfortable experience on set.

    At a recent press conference, Grant told reporters he had multiple cameras directed at his face so that the movie’s animators could render his character Lofty’s appearance. “It was like a crown of thorns, very uncomfortable” he said, adding, “I made a big fuss about it. I couldn’t have hated the whole thing more.”

    Grant also said that it was confusing whether he had to act with his face or his body – something that led to confusion. “I never received a satisfactory answer. And frankly, what I did with my body was terrible, and it’s all been replaced with an animator,” he explained.

    But was it all worth it in the end? Grant;’s answer is “Not really” as his cast mates laugh.

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    Grant On How He Was Approached The Role Of Oompa Loompa

    Hugh Grant as an Oompa Loompa

    Opening up on the events leading to his casting, Hugh Grant said, “Paul and I were always in contact vaguely since ‘Paddington 2″, talking about the film’s director Paul King. “And then I think he just emailed me one day and said he was doing ‘Wonka.’

    He then added, “And then he explained how much he loved the Oompa Loompas in those early films, particularly for being so unpleasant. And he said, ‘Whenever I think of someone really curmudgeonly and unpleasant, I immediately think of you.’ And so that was his pitch.”

    Talking about his role, the actor said, “I ended up reading the book and watching the earlier films. And then I thought, ‘How do we make this different?’ But I definitely thought the key was to keep the sort of negativity and anger, the curmudgeonly old bastard element of the Oompa Loompa. This is my speciality.”

    He added, “The Oompa Loompa in this film is propelled by those things, but also by a sort of sadness and a kind of loneliness. He’s been ostracised, chucked out of his homeland and his home tribe for letting them down. And he’s on a mission to try and win back their favors.”

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