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    ‘Immaculate’: Cast, Plot And Release Date Of Sydney Sweeney’s Horror Film

    Who doesn’t love a good horror movie on a calm evening? Now add religious imagery to the mix, and that’s what we are talking about. That ladies and gentlemen and folks is what ‘Immaculateis.

    It might be months away from Halloween. But that doesn’t stop Neon from dropping a spine-chilling movie. As promised by Sydney Sweeney during the Berlin Film Festival, the trailer for the movie is “madness” and completely “unhinged”

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    ‘Immaculate’: Everything You Need To Know

    A still from Immaculate
    A still from the trailer of ‘Immaculate’

    ‘Immaculate’ screens in cinemas on March 22nd, 2024. The trailer was dropped by Neon on Jan 26th and it has everything a good horror trailer should have, the hazy lighting, catholic backdrop, on-track sound effects, hands all over, and somehow a baby.

    The cast of the movie includes the ‘Euphoria’ and ‘White Lotus‘ star Sydney Sweeney as the unfortunate protagonist. She’s joined by ‘The Wheel of Time‘ actor Álvaro Morte and Simone Tabasco who appears in an undisclosed role. The ‘Immaculate‘ cast also includes Giampiero Judica, Giorgio Colangeli, Dora Romano, and Benedetta Porcaroli.

    The horror movie is directed by Michael Mohan who has ‘The Voyeurs’ ‘Pink Grapefruit’ and ‘Everything Sucks’ to his directorial acclaim. Sweeney has also played a role in the production of the movie along with Teddy Schwarzman and Michael Heimler.

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    Synopsis Of ‘Immaculate’

    Sydney Sweeney as Cecilia
    Sydney Sweeney as Cecilia

    In the movie, Sydney Sweeney plays the character of Cecilia, a young and devout woman. She has come to the peaceful countryside in Italy. But peace is not what fate has in wait for her.

    Strange things quickly start happening to her, and by strange we mean a pregnancy that seemingly came out of nowhere. The paranormal activities around her start increasing as if some force is set on killing her and whatever is in her womb.

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