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    “It Was That Bad”: Alicia Vikander Couldn’t Withstand Jude Law’s ‘Decaying And Disgusting’ Scent During ‘Firebrand’ Shoot

    Alicia Vikander and Jude Law were opposites in the movie ‘Firebrand’ playing the role of Katherine Parr and Henry VIII. Jude’s role was more of a fighter one with lots of blood and sweat. To embody the role, he used to apply a certain kind of custom-made scent that smelled awful.

    Often warrior roles require lots of sweat, blood, and the fighter look. The smell was so unbearable that Alicia couldn’t withstand him during the shoots. Everybody could smell Jude from miles away which was ‘decaying and disgusting’.

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    Alicia Vikander Could Smell Jude Law From Miles Away Due To His ‘Repulsive’ Smell

    Alicia and Jude for Firebrand

    Alicia Vikander reveals she couldn’t bear the smell of Jude Law’s custom-made scent of blood and sweat. She never “got used” to the “repulsive” smell. They both were together in the historical drama of ‘Firebrand‘ as Katherine Parr and Henry VIII.

    Last year it was revealed that Jude Law used a custom-made bespoke perfume that smelled like “blood, faecal matter and sweat” for his role as the king. Explaining the following incident, Law said during the red carpet of the Cannes festival that there were several accounts “that you could smell Henry three rooms away”.

    He added during the interview, “His leg was rotting so badly. He hid it with rose oil,” he said. “I thought it would have a great impact if I smelt awful.”

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    “I’d Never Really Had That Kind Of Incense On Set Before”: Alicia On Jude’s Weird Smell

    Alicia Vikander and Jude Law

    Jude also stated that the smell helped him to be in the state of the king and play the role better. Moreover it’s like a ritual with Law to use a scent to get into the role better. He said during an new interview with Business Insider that, “the custom scent – made by a specialist perfumier – was “repulsive” and “sort of summed up the state he was in, I think emotionally and spiritually and physically at that time: decaying and disgusting”.

    He claimed that Vikander got used to it to which she interrupted and said, “I didn’t really, it was that bad!” She continued, “I’d never really had that kind of incense on set before, but I work… a lot with music. I always keep my AirPods close and have them in between takes.”

    She compared the smell of perfume and music to each other as they take you somewhere. The actress added, “With music it’s the same kind of thing as with smell. It kind of just instantly emotionally takes you somewhere. Joe Wright actually did that on Anna Karenina, too. He used to play music, like techno, over the scenes in take just to give us a vibe.”

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