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    ‘Lights Out’ Director Teases Potential Storylines For The Sequel

    Lights Out‘, when released in 2016 became one of the scariest and most loved films of the horror genre. Ever since its release seven years ago, fans have patiently waited for a sequel.

    Though the sequel has taken long enough time, the director has now teased a few storylines that he might explore in the new film. Here’s what the plot of ‘Lights Out 2′ might be.

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    Is There Going To Be A Sequel To ‘Lights Out’?

    Lights Out

    Though not confirmed yet, it has been speculated that a sequel to ‘Lights Out‘ will come soon. According to reports, there are discussions being held for the film’s sequel between Warner Bros and director David F. Sandberg. The filmmaker has often shown interest in coming back to his horror roots to bring the sequel of the much-loved film to life.

    There was no cliffhanger at the end of the first movie because Diana, the main character passed away, but there are several ways she can return. It’s also possible that the sequel will bring in new characters. 

    The project has been postponed for a long time, because Sandberg and Warner Bros., the film’s distributor, have been extremely busy with DCEU films since 2016.

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    ‘Lights Out 2’ Plot Possibilities

    Lights Out

    David F. Sandberg has finally revealed what plotlines he would like to explore in the sequel of ‘Lights Out‘. He revealed a draft was made. Talking about the plot, he said, “In that draft, Martin was still young, and he’s not young anymore. He’s like a man now, you know. No, but she was sort of attacking a new family, but then this cast got involved to sort of help out with that. Because, I mean, you kind of have to do that. Because the fun thing with a horror movie is the discovery when the haunting starts, and you don’t know what’s going on.”

    He added, “So, if she just comes back to this cast, like, ‘Well, yeah, we know who Diana is. We’ve dealt with her before.’ So if you have a different family at first, then they can go through all that, but then you can have this cast come in and sort of, you know, be the experts to help defeat.”

    The director has not confirmed or denied any rumors for the film’s sequel, but it’s possible that the draft might see the light of the day.

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