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    ‘No Hard Feelings’: Plot And Ending Of Jennifer Lawrence’s Comedy Explained

    We’ve all seen Jennifer Lawrence be hilarious in talk shows and press junkets. But with ‘No Hard Feelings,’ she finally brings her funny to the screen. Right from its trailer, fans have heralded the film as the next best-Rated R comedy. Lawrence plays Maddie, a down-on-her-luck woman who answers a strange Craigslist listing.

    Desperate for money, she agrees “spend time” with Percy, a brilliant but reticent 19-year-old. The premise is strange as they come, providing plenty of laughs with both awkwardly navigating their “relationship.” But when the shoe drops, Maddie finally has to figure out if she can keep up the charade.

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    All About ‘No Hard Feelings’ Plot

    A still from ‘No Hard Feelings.’

    Jennifer Lawrence plays Maddie Barker, a beautiful but broke Montuak, New York resident. As the ghost of gentrification looms over, she tries to stay afloat by driving Uber and bartending. But more is needed to keep up with the rising property taxes on her mother’s house—things get worse when she loses her car, prompting her to answer an unusual Craigslist ad.

    Laird and Alison, the helicopter parents, request Maddie to “date” their son Percy. He leads a solitary and underwhelming teenage existence. Looking to “loosen up” their son because he heads off to Princeton, they hire Maddie to befriend and sleep with Percy, hoping it builds his confidence. The reward? A shiny Buick Regal.

    Maddie meets Percy at an animal shelter under the pretense of adopting a dog. Her attempts to seduce Percy result in misadventures, including pepper spray, skinny dipping, and anxiety-induced rashes. Eventually, the barrier is broken, and they bond over their fears and anxieties. 

    Percy reveals he had to switch schools due to excessive bullying, while Maddie tells him she’s a product of an affair. She also tells him about her aborted dream of beach surfing across America. They begin to date, with Percy falling in love with Maddie despite the age difference. And that’s where the trouble starts.

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    ‘No Hard Feelings’ Ending Explained

    Jennifer Lawrence in 'No Hard Feelings'
    Jennifer Lawrence in ‘No Hard Feelings’

    Percy loses his confidence after discovering the deal between Maddie and his parents. Angry and upset, he lets on the charade and invites Maddie to dinner with his parents. Soon, he crashes the Buik, has awkward sex with Maddie, and breaks things with her. When Percy finally expresses his disappointment, she defends the urgency of her actions.

    Hurtful yet true things are said, making their parting harder than it has to be. After collecting the beat-up Buick, Maddie gets her act together. She pays off her debts and can finally sell her mother’s house and move on. After leaving the house to her friend, Maddie reconnects with Percy at the Princeton mixer.

    In the end, she drives to California, dropping Percy for Princeton. Among them is Milo, the dog Percy suggested Maddie adopt when she was trying to win him over. ‘No Hard Feelings’ is on everyone’s radar for its R-rated humor. But under the veneer of dirty jokes is the story of a sweet friendship that leaves you beaming as the credits roll.

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