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    Susan Downey Gives An Exciting Update On Robert Downey Jr’s ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’

    Robert Downey Jr fans who had thought that they would not get to see him as the eccentric detective again on screen can be relieved. The Oppenheimer star will be back as Sherlock Holmes. Although not much else can be reported about the sequel that has been in development for a considerably long time now. Fans thought that the hopes of seeing Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes was gone. 

    However, Susan Downey has assured that ‘Sherlock Holmes 3 ’ will be happening for sure. The idea is still very much alive and is still under talks with both Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. So let’s take a look at the interview and what she said. 

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    Susan Downey Says ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ Is “Still Very Much Alive”

    Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes
    Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes

    While talking to Screen Rant, Susan Downey revealed in an interview that the idea behind Sherlock Holmes 3’ is still very much alive. “I mean, look, no, there’s no update, other than it’s still very much alive in our hearts,” Susan said. 

    Every day we talk about, “What is the best next version of that?” Because anytime I see Robert and Jude [Law] together, which fortunately, I do get to see a few times a year, we hang out, and I’m just like, ‘Can I get these guys back on screen together?’, it’s magic,” Downey continued to say. “There needs to be a really strong reason, it needs to be a great story, and we do have some things in the works,” she added. So what seems to be the problem is planning a good storyline. 

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    Robert Downey Jr. Is Riding High On Success

    Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes

    The Sympathizer’ star has been in the limelight recently with his role in the movie and his Oscar win for ‘Oppenheimer’. This would be the perfect time for him to come back as the private detective Sherlock Holmes. However, the storyline has not been decided yet. Robert Downey Jr first came on screen as Sherlock Holmes in 2009. The movie got him a Golden Globe for Best Actor. 

    Meanwhile, Prime Video and Guy Ritchie are gearing up to bring a younger version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Not much else has been revealed about the series yet about the premise or the cast. However, fans are hoping to get some good news about Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes. 

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