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    ‘The Fall Guy’ Stuntman Logan Holladay Calls Out Academy Awards For Not Recognizing The Stunt Community

    Hollywood thrives on dazzling action sequences, the kind that leave audiences gasping and applauding. But behind the scenes, the real heroes often live in anonymity. Stunt performers who put their bodies on the line to make those stunts happen, rarely get the recognition they deserve. Logan Holladay, a veteran stuntman working on the upcoming film ‘The Fall Guy’ talked about his feelings towards getting no recognition. Logan by performing cannon rolls for the film broke the Guinness World Record for the most spins during a cannon roll.

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    Stuntman Logan Holladay Talks About Not Being Recognized By The Oscars After Breaking Guinness World Record 

    'The Fall Guy' stuntman Logan Holladay
    ‘The Fall Guy’ stuntman Logan Holladay

    Even the lead of ‘The Fall Guy’ Ryan Gosling showed support for the stuntman. However l, not getting credited enough is still very true. From getting lit in fire, jumping off of cliffs, and driving cars into lakes the stuntmen make the movie. So, the lack of recognition and love is disheartening.

    Logan talked about how every other department of the movie is recognized by the Academy Awards and others. He claimed that the most pressing issue in the stunt community is the Oscars not recognizing them. He is not wrong as a department so labor intensive and dangerous needs to be credited. 

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    “This Movie Is Just A Giant Campaign To Get Stunts An Oscar”: Ryan Gosling

    Logan Holladay (Left) and Ryan Gosling (Right)
    Logan Holladay (Left) and Ryan Gosling (Right)

    Despite the stuntmen being the unsung heroes of the movies, actor Ryan Gosling thinks differently. Gosling has never left an opportunity to show his appreciation for the stuntmen endangering their lives. Additionally, he even presented the Guinness World Record to Logan.

    While getting interviewed, Ryan praised the stuntmen for being “the hardest-working people in show business.” He further talked about the hardships the stuntmen went through while filming for ‘The Fall Guy’.“I don’t know what to say, how do you say thank you to someone that got set on fire eight times for you, jumped from a helicopter, rolled a car eight times for you,” he said.

    This lack of recognition extends beyond the Oscars. Stunt performers rarely get billing on posters. Even on set, they can sometimes feel like an afterthought, the invisible risk-takers who make the impossible seem real. The irony is that without stunt performers, action movies would be hollow shells. 

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