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    ‘The First Omen’: What’s The Horrifying Origin Story Of 666?

    The upcoming supernatural filmThe First Omen has the horror junkies in a chokehold with its terrifying lore. The movie is set to release on 5th April 2025. However, the trailer itself is horrifying enough to give its audience nightmares.

    The movie is a prequel to ‘The Omen’ which was released in 1976. The sequel was announced in 2016 itself. Moreover, ‘The First Omen’ revolves around an American woman who was sent to work at a church in Rome. However, things take a turn and it leads to her uncovering a sinister conspiracy to bring about the birth of the Antichrist.

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    ‘The First Omen’: The 666 Lore Explained

    When it comes to the 666 lore, the movie is the 6th film in the franchise and is said to reveal a connection with the unholy number ‘666’. The movie teases the birth of evil on the 6th Month, 6th Day, and the 6th Hour. So, it’s not surprising that fans are excited to know all about the infamous numbers.

    Additionally, the movie has a stellar cast with Nell Tiger Free, Tawfeek Barhom, Sonia Braga, Ralph Ineson, Charles Dance, and Bill Nighy in pivotal roles. 

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    What Was ‘The Omen’ All About?

    A still from The First Omen
    A still from The First Omen

    The Omen’ 1976 is a classic horror film directed by Richard Donner. The story follows an American diplomat, Robert Thorn. He unwittingly adopts a child, Damien. However, Damien turns out to be the Antichrist. As Damien grows older, mysterious and gruesome events begin to occur around him. This led Robert to uncover the truth about his son’s sinister origins. 

    With the help of a photographer, Robert attempts to stop Damien’s malicious plans, culminating in a chilling climax that leaves audiences haunted by the idea of an evil incarnate. The film is praised for its atmospheric tension, haunting score, and compelling performances.

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