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    ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Brings Back Loki In Most Subtle Way And Most Of Us Missed This Small Detail

    ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is finally in theatres and the film is creating buzz for good and not-so-good reasons alike. Some people are all praise for the unique Waititi element in the movie while others are angry for not staying faithful to the source material. But we are here to discuss a different topic altogether.

    As most fans know that Loki is very much part of the MCU canon but to simplify things for the casual audience, Marvel decided not to bring back the God of Mischiefs to Thor 4. But it is not possible to tell a Thor story without mentioning his wicked brother and Thor 4 has a very subtle surprise for Loki fans.

    Warning: This article contains spoilers for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.

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    Thor 4 Explains How Thor And Jane’s Relationship Ended

    Jane Foster and Thor
    Jane Foster and Thor

    There is a scene in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ where two random Thor fans claim that Jane Foster dumped him to which Thor replies, “No, I dumped her. It was a mutual dumping.” ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ expand on this storyline and the first half of the movie depicts a short flashback sequence of the short-lived relationship of Thor and Jane Foster.

    The flashback sequence shows the couple leading a happy love life but things soon start to fall apart. Thor is always busy with hero work and can not give enough time to Jane. Soon enough, Jane also drowns herself in her work and the relationship fades away as a consequence. The final moment in their relationship shows Thor finding a letter apparently from Jane stating that she has decided to leave him and he should move on with his life but there is a catch.

    ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Mentions Loki In Most Mischievous Way Possible

    Tom Hiddleston as Loki
    Tom Hiddleston as Loki

    Fast forward to the current times, Jane is now Mighty Thor and Thor is back on Earth after his adventures with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Thor is having a hard time coming to terms that his ex-girlfriend and ex-hammer are together now and it is clear that he still has feelings for Jane. During one scene Thor confronts Jane and tells her that it was very painful for him that she broke up with him with a letter. Jane is shocked by this revelation and claims that Thor dumped her and she received the letter claiming that Thor doesn’t want to continue the relationship but Thor claims that it was the other way around.

    They both soon stop debating and share a passionate kiss but the thing fans missed is that it is the most significant Loki moment of the movie. The comic readers know that Loki has created misunderstandings in many other relationships of Thor over the centuries. Norse mythology also has accounts of the God of Mischiefs ruining the love life of Thunder God many times. Viewers didn’t give much attention to this particular scene as the movie doesn’t explain further about who was responsible for the misunderstanding between Thor and Jane.

    The hardcore comic fans were the first to realize that this was a subtle detail about Loki and how Taika Waititi included the Wicked God in the latest Thor film even without actually bringing him to screen. To make it simpler for the general audience, “Thor’s relationship sequence suggests that it was actually Loki who left the breakup letters for both Thor and Jane creating the misunderstanding that they both dumped each other.” Waititi and Marvel have not officially confirmed this theory but fans are sure that this will come to be true because there is no other explanation for the sequence of events shown in the film.

    ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is currently running in theatres.

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