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    Top 10 Most Patriotic Films To Watch And Celebrate Independence Day

    Fourth of July, which marks Independence Day for the United States of America, brings the feeling of patriotism as well as national pride. There are films that are perfect for the day’s celebrations, no matter if you are in the mood for history, drama, or a feel-good watch.

    Here’s a list of films that capture thoughts on what America is and means, or was, and always will be – this country and its people and culture – patriotic to the very heart. So make these an addition to your Fourth of July celebrations to give an ode to the triumphs of the ordinary men, the shedding of blood by warriors, to the achievements of the leaders and pioneers who shaped destiny. Well, assemble your family, bring some popcorn, and be prepared for the movie journey into the American soul.

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    10. Independence Day (1996)

    Even though it is a scientific action movie directed by Roland Emmerich, it is possible to choose this movie for the occasion of Independence Day. In essence, ‘Independence Day‘ tells the story of the invasion of the aliens and man’s struggles to keep them at bay. This movie has recognized actors such as Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum among others. The traditional speech that President Whitmore, played by Bill Pullman does is without doubt going to remind people about unity and protection of their country.

    9. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

    The war movie showing the actions of American heroes in the Second World War is the movie of the renowned director Steven Spielberg ‘Saving Private Ryan‘. To ensure that Matt Damon’s character, Private James Ryan is saved, Tom Hanks leads an excellent cast. The maker of the film has succeeded in portraying the entire incidences surrounding the independence of Britain, and therefore anyone who wants to be entertained on Independence Day should watch this film because it has deep emotions and it depicts the crucial part of the World War, which was the D-Day assistance.

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    8. Forrest Gump (1994)

    The movie ‘Forrest Gump‘ is the unbelievable and rather sad story of a simple man living through the most important parts of American history, directed by Robert Zemeckis with Tom Hanks in the leading role. Audience receives significant ethical moments in the history of America, like the Vietnam War or the Civil Rights Movement recognizing them through the lenses of the simple and wise Forrest Gump who was a part of these events. This form of movie is a touching portrayal of the spirit and zeal of America.

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    7. Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

    This Oliver Stone picture is one of the greatest and features the skilled performances of Tom Cruise in his dramatic role based on the true story of Ron Kovic – the Vietnam War veteran. The brothers’ story for this film, ‘Born on the Fourth of July‘ is one of the most powerful to depict Kovic’s transformation from a loyal soldier to an anti-war activist who fights for evoking pride out of disappointment. The movie has a specific interpretation of such values as the cost of war and the essence of patriotism.

    6. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

    This movie is an example of a light drama in that it depicts an inspiring work of an idealistic and newly elected senator who is fighting for a change in Washington DC against all the corrupt authorities There are some aspects of light comedy in this movie by Frank Capra and starring James Stewart as Senator Jefferson Smith. A classic that makes the viewers adore the American dimension and stand up for the principles they have, ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’.

    5. Glory (1989)

    Glory‘ by Edward Zwick, is an inspiring historical drama about the fifty-fourth Massachusetts colored infantry Regiment, during the Civil War. The film with the participation of Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Matt Broderick tells the story of black troops’ heroism and sacrifice during the fight against racism and for liberty.

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    4. Apollo 13 (1995)

    The dramatic experience of the tragic lunar mission and the ineffectiveness of the mission to bring the astronauts back home can be found in Ron Howard’s ‘Apollo 13‘. Featuring Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, and Kevin Bacon, among others, the viewer demo graphes the most crucial aspects of the American spirit resourcefulness, tenaciousness, and synergy in the midst of adversity.

    3. The Patriot (2000)

    In ‘The Patriot‘, Mel Gibson stars as a man against the British in the American Revolution much of the movie being centered on war. This movie directed by Roland Emmerich is a tender casting to the fight for American liberty as it contains powerful charges as well as a historical documentary.

    2. Lincoln (2012)

    Another biography by Steven Spielberg starring Daniel Day-Lewis, the movie ‘Lincoln‘ is focused on the last months of the life of the famous President of America, Abraham Lincoln, and his efforts to pass the thirteenth amendment which ended slavery. The movie reminds the audiences of the leadership of Abraham Lincoln and the continuation of the battle over justice for all in the United States.

    1. Miracle (2004)

    The actual story of the victory of the U.S. Olympic hockey team over the heavily favored Soviets in the year 1980 was portrayed in the film ‘Miracle‘, directed by Gavin O’Connor. Quite appropriately titled ‘Miracle’, the movie relates the inspirational battling spirit of American traits in a sports tournament and has Kurt Russell portraying Herb Brooks, the coach of the US team.

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