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    Watch: Blake Lively And Justin Baldoni’s First Look As They Play Lovers In ‘It Ends With Us’

    Colleen Hoover’s ‘It Ends With Us’ is finally getting ready to hit theatres as newly released first-look photos from the set, featuring Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni have now gone viral on social media.

    The film, based on Hoover’s bestselling book that went viral on Booktok has been under production for a few months now as fans anticipate its release. Here’s how social media reacted to the casting and more details about the adaptation.

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    Blake Lively And Justin Baldoni As Lily Bloom And Ryle Kincaid

    Justin Baldoni and Blake Lively in 'It Ends With Us' (Source: PEOPLE)
    Justin Baldoni and Blake Lively in ‘It Ends With Us’ (Source: PEOPLE)

    The first look for Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni starrer ‘It Ends With Us‘ is finally here and fans have mixed reactions about the casting as many pointed out that Lively was too old for the role.

    The photos, that showed scenes between Blake Lively’s Lily and Justin Baldoni’s Ryle showed a few romantic scenes between the two, who play lovers in the film. Another video has been released where both the actors are seen shooting their first scene together as they meet for the first time on a rooftop.

    Filming for the film had halted in between production as fans grew unhappy at the choice of actors in the film. Many pointed out the actors’ ages as well as Blake Lively’s outfit choices. Hoover retaliated by saying that based on the characters’ ages, the actors were appropriate and that she had been a fan of both the actors for a long time and was happy with the casting.

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    ‘It Ends With Us’: Everything You Need To Know

    Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni in 'It Ends With Us' (Source: PEOPLE)
    Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni in ‘It Ends With Us’ (Source: PEOPLE)

    Colleen Hoover’s ‘It Ends With Us’ is about a couple who have a picture-perfect relationship that slowly turns into an abusive marriage as Lily deals with memories of her childhood love, Atlas, and an abusive husband in Ryle. Though many lauded the book as a sweet romance, it actually is about domestic violence and the breakage of the cycle. After the mega success of the first book, Colleen Hoover also released a sequel that centered on Atlas and Lily’s life. Though many called her out for the book being a cash grab, it did pretty well as Atlas and Lily’s love story became an internet phenomenon.

    The film is set to release in August this year. It was earlier supposed to be released in February and then June, but production issues pushed back the date twice.

    As for the cast, apart from Lively, Brandon, and Justin, Jenny Slater will be playing Ryle’s sister Allysa. In flashback scenes, Isabela Ferrer will play a younger Lily, and Alex Neustaedter will play a younger Atlas.

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