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    Why Is Colleen Hoover Receiving Backlash From Fans After Announcing New Book In ‘It Ends With Us’ Series?

    Colleen Hoover is probably the most talked-about author in town right now. Booktok fans have been constantly gushing over her ever since her book ‘It Ends With Us‘ went viral. Ever since then, devoted fans have constantly waited for a sequel to what they call – a ‘love story’. Colleen published the follow-up, titled ‘It Starts With Us’ in October 2022.

    In January 2023, Hoover issued a fresh statement on deciding to publish another book of the series, but this time, fans weren’t quite satisfied. What latest novel has Colleen opted to publish? Is ‘It Ends With Us‘ really a love story?

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    What Is ‘It Ends With Us’ About?

    The novel is about domestic abuse, to put it simply. It centers on Lily Bloom, a young woman who grew up witnessing her father abusing her mother. She came to Boston as an adult, fell in love with a charming surgeon named Ryle Kincaid, and was married to him. Her marriage steadily degenerates into an abusive one, much like her parents. In essence, the novel is about her leaving that marriage. Breaking the chain of abuse; hence ‘It Ends With Us‘.

    The male protagonist of the book is Atlas Corrigan who is mentioned in all these flashbacks in the book and towards the later part makes an appearance. The first book ends with Lily and Atlas getting back together. For the record, fans absolutely adore Atlas Corrigan. This is why everyone demanded a sequel to the book, to see more of Lily and Atlas’ story.

    But is the book really a love story? Of recent many fans have started speaking up about how the romanticization of a book about abuse is completely unethical and completely misses the point of domestic violence awareness.

    And if this isn’t enough, Hoover recently gave fans another reason to call her out as ‘problematic’.

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    Colleen Hoover Is Turning Her Viral Novel Into A Coloring Book

    Yep, you read that right. A ‘Coloring Book’ based on a book that was written about Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse is being made into a coloring book. Fans were quick to call her out, calling her ‘tone deaf’ and calling the book a ‘marketing strategy’ and a ‘cash grab’.

    Soon after fans called her out for this announcement, Colleen brought down the announcement and apologized to the fans for deciding to go on with it. Soon after Atria Books- the publishing house posted a statement about the coloring book getting canceled.

    Nevertheless, many fans have now put down Colleen Hoover’s books, owing to her books romanticizing some problematic aspects of adult relationships. For the record, According to NPD BookScan, (a company that tracks book sales in the US), she has sold 8.6 million print books this year alone, more than The Bible.

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