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    Which Role Is Jenna Ortega Playing In ‘Beetlejuice 2’?

    There have been several instances where a celebrity has accumulated a huge fanbase in a short period of time. Jenna Ortega is one of them and the 20-year-old has already gained recognition for her performance in the Netflix series ‘Wednesday’, although she has been active for a long time.

    At a very young age, Jenna Ortega played major roles in the best films and TV shows and she has received praise for her on-screen presence. Ortega will be playing an important role in the upcoming sequel to the 1988 fantasy horror comedy film, ‘Beetlejuice.’

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    Jenna Ortega’s Character In ‘Beetlejuice 2’

    Jenna Ortega has been cast to play Winona Ryder’s daughter

    While Jenna Ortega’s casting was confirmed in ‘Beetlejuice 2’, there were many speculations about her character with many claiming that she will possibly appear as the daughter of Winona Ryder’s character Lydia. The character’s return was hinted at when it was confirmed that Michael Keaton and Tim Burton would be involved with the project.

    Because Ortega is now confirmed to appear as Lydia’s daughter, audiences will take more interest in the story of the sequel. Towards the end of the first film, the bio-exorcist tried to marry Ryder’s character aiming to bring chaos between the mortals.

    However, the bio-exorcist was stopped by Adam and Barbara. So the sequel will possibly feature Ryder’s daughter appearing as a way for the freedom and revenge of the bio-exorcist.

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    ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Development

    ‘Beeltejuice 2’ is releasing on September 6, 2024

    ‘Beetlejuice’ was released in 1988 and received a positive response from critics and audiences. Although a sequel was being developed for a long time, it did not happen for different reasons.

    ‘Beetlejuice 2’ was confirmed in February 2022 and Jenna Ortega’s casting was reported in March 2023. The release date for the film has been confirmed in May 2023 and it is scheduled to come out on the big screen on September 6, 2024.

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