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    “They Deserve To Have An Expectation, They Pay”: Céline Dion Responds To Fans Expecting Her To Sing And Tour Again Amid Health Struggles

    Singer Céline Dion is going through the hardest time of her life due to her ongoing struggles with stiff person syndrome. It’s a rare neurological condition that causes spasms, muscle rigidity and due to all this, Céline had to cancel her ‘Courage World Tour’ dates of 2024. But she isn’t letting the condition stop her.

    Dion is fighting back and is ready to sing again. She is braver than ever after the life-altering discovery of her illness. She is coping with it with positive attitude and also has a message for fans.

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    Céline Dion Misses Performing Live

    Céline Dion

    Céline Dion has been struggling with her condition for quite a time now. She is not in the best condition and is also not able to continue her world tours and shows. Céline talked about her struggles after getting diagnosed with a rare condition during an interview with BBC and also shared good news for fans that she might be returning to singing again.

    The 56-year-old singer said, “I will sing again, that’s for sure. They deserve to have an expectation. They pay. I’m 56 years old, and for many, many years, I have done a lot of shows. We’ve had a lot of happiness because of the fans, paying shows and buying my records.”

    She misses performing as much as her fans miss her on stage. Dion continued, “They have all the right to have all the expectations. If I may say, my expectation is probably bigger than what they expect from me. When I present the microphone, they’re a part of me. I was 12 years old when I met them. I probably missed them more than singing itself.”

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    Céline Was A Little Envious Of Modern Female Artists Like Lana Del Rey And Billie Eilish

    Céline Dion

    Céline Dion is best known as the queen power ballad. Her evergreen hits from the 90s like ‘Power of Love’ and ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’ are famous for her insane vocal game. But due to her condition, Céline can’t sing like she used to and she’s a little envious of the new-age female artists including Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey.

    She joked, “I was like, well, should I just go to bed late at night and start smoking?” She continued, “I was jealous. I was like, they’re going out, they’re partying, they’re barely cleaned up, and they’re amazing.”

    Céline continued to joke around by saying that she was part of the strict regime of the music industry and that she should perhaps throw her classical music training outside the window and start her new persona with a husky tone of voice. While winking, she added, “How about that for a concert?” It feels good to see her enjoying and making jokes amidst some tough battles of her life and with this positive attitude, she will surely be back on stage soon.

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