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    “Don’t Ever Play With Lana”: Fans React As Lana Del Rey Claps Back At  The Accusations Of ‘Witchcraft’ And ‘Demons’ In Her Audience

    No, we can’t complain. For her sweet voice and outstanding lyrics, Lana Del Rey should surely do some voodoo and have some demonic connection. A social media user recently shared a video on her Instagram profile accusing the ‘Summertime Sadness’ singer of witchcraft. The woman also had proof for her claims. 

    However, Lana Del Rey was not ready to let go of the accusations that easily. She did clap back at the social media user. And fans have hilarious reactions to a brawl between the singer and the Instagram user. The ‘Radio’ singer had recently been going on short tours around the country. 

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    Lana Del Rey Claps Back At The Accusations Of ‘Witchcraft’ And ‘Demonic’ Energy

    Singer Lana Del Rey
    Singer Lana Del Rey

    Lana Del Rey has defended herself after a woman on Instagram accused her of practicing witchcraft and inviting demons to her concert. “Whatever witchcraft Lana Del Rey is doing, the spells she is putting on her music to make it attractive, those demons are being invited into the crowd and into you when you attend,” the user had made the claims.

    She also shared a video as a proof in her post. The footage showed the audience falling at the same time at her recent concert. Quoting the Bible, the user has asked her followers to stay away from the ‘Cinnamon Girl’ singer. 

    The songstress was not ready for the accusations to duck up her energy. Del Rey pointed out how well-versed she was in the Bible, even better than the social media user. The ‘West Coast’ singer also dissed the woman by noting that she gives off “super gremlin energy” and not in a good way. Meanwhile, the singer had not known about the concertgoers who had tumbled together at her show.

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    Fans Hail Lana Del Rey ‘Untouchable’

    Singer Lana Del Rey
    Singer Lana Del Rey

    Accusing Lana Del Rey doesn’t seem to please her fans. As the Million Dollar Man’ singer claps back at the claims of witchcraft directed at her, fans are happy. They have come up with a warning to not play with the music queen.

    When most of the X users supported the songstress in her stance, a user quipped in about how witches can also know the Bible. Maybe, it’s right for the singer’s voice to pull you like a siren and her lyrics are as magical as a spell.

    Del Rey’s songs may seem to be full of passion and strong desires but it’s for her listeners with a strong demeanor but a soft heart. Yes, it’s also for girls who visit haunted houses with closed eyes.

    And as another netizen noted she’s untouchable!

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