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    Drake Responds To Andrew Tate’s Claim About Lack Of Men In Canada

    Andrew Tate has been a noxious figure on the internet, endorsing toxic masculinity at the cost of committing blatant misogyny. Recently, while in Romania, Andrew and his brother were charged with human trafficking and rape. The Tate brothers conducted their illicit business through the Bucharest villa. Despite being charged with heinous crimes, Tate is still targeting people, and his new target is Drake.

    Recently, Drake released his new LP, ‘For All the Dogs’. The days leading up to the release of the album have been controversial. Halle Berry accused him of using her picture without consent. Netizens also accused Drake of always releasing an album when a female artist drops something. So, when he released the album, it received a lull response. He has been going on a rampage to call out people who are criticizing the album. Now, Andrew Tate has indirectly taken a dig at his manhood, and the rapper has responded to it.

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    Drake Responded Saying ‘Green Light’ To Andrew Tate’s Claims

    Drake commented 'greenlight' on Andrew Tate's podcast's Instagram post
    Drake commented ‘greenlight’ on Andrew Tate’s podcast’s Instagram post

    Aubrey Drake Graham, aka Drake, does not take any disrespect toward his home country, Canada. He is one of the biggest rap artists to ever come out of Canada. The artist has flaunted his culture in his songs. So, when Andrew Tate came to Canada, Drake did not stay silent about it.

    On Andrew Tate’s podcast, he expressed hate towards Canadian men, and Tate criticized Canada for not having any manly men.

    During the podcast, the former ‘Big Brother’ contestant created a hypothetical scenario, saying, “Imagine being from Canada. Imagine saying I’m a man. ‘From where?’ ‘From Canada.’ What? That doesn’t go together. ‘What are you talking about? Wait. You’re a man? From Canada?’ Nah. Can’t be. ‘No, no, I’m a man.’ You’re not, bruv. Of course not. There’s no men in Canada. F****ing joking.”

    Drake did take the disrespect towards Canadian men and responded to the Instagram clip of the podcast. He replied, writing “green light” with a crying laughing emoji.

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    The Rapper Recently Dissed Rihanna On His New Album

    Drake dissed Rihanna in his new album 'For All The Dogs'
    Drake dissed Rihanna in his new album ‘For All The Dogs’

    Rihanna and Drake go a long way! The two met at a bar in Toronto, where Rihanna was shooting the video of her song ‘Pon De Replay’. But the ex-couple has shared one of the most complex equations in the industry. They have gone on and off in their relationship. Drake wrote a song about her when they separated. The last piece of music they did together was on RiRi’s ‘Work’ from her 2016 album ‘Anti’.

    Since then, many things have changed for both Rihanna and Drake. The artists are now parents. But one thing that remained intact was the rapper’s pettiness. On his recent album ‘For All the Dogs’, he dissed the artist by saying that he had an average s** with her.

    In the song ‘Fear of Heights’, Drake rapped, “I’m anti, I’m anti / Yeah, and the s** was average with you / Yeah, I’m anti ’cause I had it with you … / And I had way badder bitches than you, TBH.”

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