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    How Taylor Swift Feels About Kanye West Name-dropping Her In His New Song ‘Carnival’

    Kanye West might be trying to start a one-sided beef with Taylor Swift, but it seems like the ‘Cruel Summer‘ singer has truly moved on with her life and isn’t concerned by any of West’s shady moves.

    A recent source has revealed how Taylor feels about West rapping about her in his latest song. Here’s how Taylor responded to the shade, dodging another attempt by West at a reignited feud.

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    Taylor Swift Responds To Kanye West Mentioning Her In His New Song

    Kanye West and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Kanye West and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    After Kanye West namedropped Taylor Swift in his song ‘Carnival, Swifties were enraged at West’s attempt to start a feud again, especially at his audacity to repeat what he made Swift go through in 2016.

    In his song, West raps, ‘I made six Taylor Swift (Ha), Since I had the Rollie on the wrist (Ha), I’m the new Jesus, bitch (Ha), I turn water to crist (Ha).’

    This sparked a lot of backlash against the rapper for trying to act problematic again despite Taylor not associating herself with him in any way. To make things clearer, Swift has now revealed how she feels about being mentioned in a Kanye song, again.

    A source close to Taylor talked to US Weekly and said, “[Taylor] has so much on her plate and isn’t concerned with what Kanye is or isn’t doing. She has no plans on responding publicly or privately.”

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    Kanye West Attacks Swifties

    Taylor Swift and Kanye West
    Taylor Swift and Kanye West

    Kanye West didn’t really end the whole thing with just the name-dropping. He also went forward on a long rant against Swifties who were plotting to stream Beyonce’s music to deny West of the #1 position on the charts.

    West wrote, “When I said that I’m the new Jesus b***h I wasn’t even thinking about Taylor Swift. That was a whole line before but I appreciate the free promo” as a justification for his song mentioning Taylor.

    He then added that he has been ‘helpful’ to Swift’s career and claimed, “Remember I was on Taylor’s side when Scooter [Braun] bought her masters behind her back. She and Beyoncé are big inspirations to all musicians. We always say how both sell out tours and movies. Also, I’m sure I’ve been far more helpful to Taylor Swift’s career than harmful. To all Taylor Swift fans, I am not your enemy. Um, I’m not your friend either though LOL.” 

    The post has now been deleted from his account.

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