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    “She Gon’ Take It Up The A**”: Kanye West Name-Drops Taylor Swift In His New Music, Gets Slammed For Being Obsessed With Her

    If you thought the Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud is over, then you were absolutely wrong because West just made sure of it that the bad blood between both the artists go on for a long time.

    Releasing his new album ‘Vultures‘, West put out new music after a long hiatus and though fans were excited for West’s new album, they also pointed out the unnecessary shade towards Taylor in the song. Here’s how Kanye West dissed Taylor Swift in his new song and how fans reacted.

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    Kanye West Continues To Mention Taylor Swift In His Music

    Taylor Swift and Kanye West
    Taylor Swift and Kanye West

    Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s feud saw it’s worst phase when he included a shady lyric dedicated to Taylor in his song ‘Famous‘ where he said “I thought me and Taylor might still be having sex/ Why, I made that bitch famous.”

    His new lyric might even be worse than that. In his song ‘Carnival‘ West name drops a few celebrities including R Kelly, Bill Cosby and Elon Musk.

    He starts by rapping “Elon, where my rocket ship? / It’s time to go home,” he raps. “They served us the p*** (Ha) / Since the day we was born (Ha) / Anybody pissed off (Ha) / Gotta make ’em drink the urine (Ha) / Now I’m Ye-Kelly, bitch (Ha) / Now, I’m Bill Cosby, bitch (Ha) / Now, I’m Puff Daddy rich (Ha) / That’s #MeToo me rich (Ha).”

    He then continues and sings, “Why she say she sucked my d—? / Then she say she ain’t sucked my d— / She gon’ take it up the a– / Like a ventriloquist / I made six Taylor Swift / Since I had the Rollie on the wrist.”

    Fans on social media were quick to slam West’s lyrics as distasteful and disrespectful and also calling him out for resurrecting an old feud for no reason. Many also called him out for his controversial lyrics.

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    Fans On Social Media React To West’s New Music

    Kanye West and Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift, who’s currently on a record breaking tour and living her best life is way past the feud with Kanye West. But it seems like he isn’t.

    Fans on social media came together to slam West’s new music and calling out the unnecessary shade to Taylor. Many even said that he is using Taylor’s name for more streams after his downfall in the industry.

    Most fans pointed out West’s one sided feud with Swift who hasn’t mentioned Kanye ever since their phone recording feud.

    Many also said that Kanye is just trying to stay relevant.

    Swift has not yet reacted or responded to West’s new music as she’s busy with her Asia tour and of course the Super Bowl, to cheer for her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

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