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    Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Is Officially The Highest Grossing Tour Of All Time According To Guinness World Records

    If there’s someone who had the best year out there, it’s probably Taylor Swift. With two chart-topping albums, a super successful tour and a concert film, and hard launching one of the most iconic romances of the year- she really made it 2023 (Taylor’s Version).

    Her breakthrough moment of the year was the ‘Eras Tour’, in which she spent most of the year performing. Figures and reviews indicated that the tour really was, in fact, the biggest tour ever done by a musician, and now the Guinness Book of World Records has acknowledged Swift’s tour to be the greatest of all time.

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    Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Success

    Taylor Swift during the 'Eras Tour'
    Taylor Swift during the ‘Eras Tour’

    Swift started touring in March after a long hiatus of almost five years. Unlike other tours that were supporting an album, this tour was called the ‘Eras Tour’ as it was in support of all the ten albums she has released throughout her career. The show demonstrated two decades of music that Taylor had put out including special interactions in every show. She had a setlist of 44 songs- two of which she changed in every show (called the ‘surprise songs’).

    With 151 shows spanning across five continents, it’s her biggest tour yet. She performs 3.5 hours in every show, giving significant time to each album and era. Her tour came out to be one of the most iconic events of the year, a feat that made Swift a billionaire.

    Reviews on the tour described it as a surreal experience and quite unlike anything else that was experienced by fans. It was at par with Beatle’s shows and Elton John’s highest-grossing shows.

    Swift herself admitted on the hard work she put behind this tour and said, “I knew this tour was harder than anything I’d ever done before by a long shot.”

    “Every day I would run on the treadmill, singing the entire set list out loud. Fast for fast songs, and a jog or a fast walk for slow songs” she said, “Then I had three months of dance training, because I wanted to get it in my bones. I wanted to be so over-rehearsed that I could be silly with the fans, and not lose my train of thought.

    Well, all that hard work seems to have worked because her tour is officially the highest-grossing tour in history!

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    Guinness Book Of World Records Honors Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift at The Eras Tour
    Taylor Swift at The Eras Tour

    The Guinness Book Of World Records announced Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ as the highest-grossing music tour ever.

    The report said that the tour had earned a revenue of $1.04 billion till date, with just the first half of the tour.

    This record was previously held by Elton John’s five-year farewell tour which earned $939 million in over 328 shows. 

    Swift’s sixth concert tour is so successful that it has made more money than the combined earnings of the next two highest-grossing tours of this year—Beyoncé and Bruce Springsteen.
    As per Pollstar, the tour has sold 4.3 million tickets so far. If all of the scheduled concerts are performed, the tour has the potential to earn nearly $2 billion in revenue, says the report. Tour merch has also earned an estimate of $200 million.

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