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    ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ Movie Sets A Massive Box Office Record, Earns 17 Times Its Budget

    Taylor Swift‘s global phenomenon ‘Eras Tour‘ was generously brought into theatres by her, allowing viewers and fans to catch a glimpse of the iconic tour on the big screen under a budget, while also giving international Swifties a chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    As the ‘Eras Tour‘ continues to break records, successfully sashaying towards the path of becoming the highest-grossing tour of all time, its concert film is no less as it breaks box office records, earning more than ten times its budget.

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    Taylor Swift’s The ‘Eras Tour Concert Film’ Is A Big Success

    Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour'
    Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’

    Taylor Swift’s biggest tour to date was experienced by millions of Swifties worldwide. The global sensation brought in millions to the U.S. economy and re-established Swift’s name in the music industry. Many fans and even leaders pleaded with Taylor to visit their countries. While countries like Canada got their wishes fulfilled, countries in Asia and Africa weren’t so lucky. Many fans also couldn’t attend the tour due to the high prices and Ticketmaster’s less-than-brilliant way of dealing with ticket buyers.

    Swift came up with a solution. Soon enough, she announced a concert film for the tour, that was released in November, giving Swifties across the globe a lucky chance to attend the tour in budget. The film was screened in more than a hundred countries and was quick to break records at the box office. As the film’s screening ends, here’s how Swift broke the global box office record.

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    ‘Eras Tour’ Film Box Office Collections

    Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour

    The film took a mere fifteen million to make. A figure much smaller than the total collections the singer made after the screening for the film ends. The film is one of the top 20 highest-grossing films for the year, on a loss with films like ‘Barbie‘ and ‘Oppenheimer‘.

    The film earned $178.2 million in the U.S. and $71.8 million overseas, with a total of $250 million earnings worldwide, one of the highest earnings for a concert film.

    Eras Tour: The Concert Film‘ was self-financed by Swift and her team at a mere $15 million and has earned seventeen times its budget, as announced by AMC theatres who distributed the film.

    As for Taylor Swift’s birthday, she announced that she will make the film available to rent, with an addition of three new songs on the setlist.

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