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    “I Plan Everything”: Dua Lipa On Clockwork Life And Obsession With Scheduling 

    We all have some semblance of how busy a popstar’s life must be, but Dua Lipa’s extensive schedule will have you questioning yours. You’d be surprised to know what this Grammy winner puts in her daily to-do list.

    The multi-talented pop sensation, recently graced ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘ to promote her upcoming single ‘Training Season’. While in the conversation about her upcoming music, the singer shed light on the intricacies of her busy life.

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    Shower To ‘Succession’, Everything Goes On Dua Lipa’s Planner

    Dua Lipa at Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Dua Lipa at Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Host Jimmy Kimmel, noting Dua’s apparent superhuman schedule, playfully inquired if she’s the busiest person globally right now. Dua said with a smile, “I don’t know about anyone in the whole world, but busy.”  The Albanian singer also confessed to being “obsessed” with planning. From scheduling showers to leisure activities like watching ‘Succession,’ her life operates down to the minute.

    “I plan everything, like…I’d put in ‘have a shower’ and ‘get ready..I write down ‘watch Succession,'” Dua shared. Being pretty shocked by Dua’s intriguing entries Kimmel probed about some spontaneity, suggesting a corn dog run. The singer then revealed that a degree of flexibility is always present. “It just depends on how the day goes,” she clarified.

    The ‘Houdini’ singer also shared that this habit of keeping the track of her day is not newfound. Saying,“I had to-do lists from when I was tiny, like my parents would find them around the house, like, ‘do my homework, get ready, go to school.’” 

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    Jimmy Guessing The Release Date Of Dua’s Upcoming Album

    Dua Lipa at Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Dua Lipa at Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Amidst discussions about the ‘Levitating’ singer’s meticulous life, Kimmel attempted to extract details about her upcoming album. The Grammy winner teasingly hinted at keeping the release date and title a secret. That didn’t stop the show host from taking guesses.

    “I think it’s going to come out on Leap Day, because it’s ‘Do a Leap’ day,” Kimmel speculated.

    The singer laughed at the close connection Kimmel’s guess made with her Albanian name but declared it wrong. “I’m going to keep it a secret for a little bit longer,” Dua teased.

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