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    “My Mom Gave Wiz Khalifa A Panic Attack”: Miley Cyrus Reveals Weird Stories Of Her Mother’s ‘Way Too Strong’ Weed

    Miley Cyrus’s mother Tish Cyrus would seem cooler to some people. She consumes intoxicated things like marijuana. But it has only made her a better parent for her children. Moreover, her dose was so high, that it may have shaken some regular users as well.

    Miley Cyrus revealed that her mother’s dose of weed gave a panic attack to Wiz Khalifa who is a regular smoker. Moreover, Miley also revealed that she doesn’t smoke her mom’s pot anymore due to a funny incident

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    Tish Cyrus’ Weed Stash Gave Seasoned Smoker Like Wiz Khalifa A Panic Attack

    Tish Cyrus, Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa
    Tish Cyrus, Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa

    Recently during an episode of David Letterman’s Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, ‘Flowers‘ singer, Miley Cyrus revealed the reason for her being sober is mainly her mother, Tish Cyrus who is an active smoker. Tish’s weed stash gave Wiz Khalifa a panic attack as well.

    Miley said, “I will randomly take one small puff off my mom’s joint, pretty much never because it’s way too strong.” She also unveiled, “My mom gave Wiz Khalifa a panic attack cause her weed was too heavy.”

    Moreover, after making this statement, Miley also revealed that she doesn’t smoke her mom’s weed anymore, due to a funny incident.

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    Miley Shares Why She Doesn’t Smoke Her Mom’s Pot Anymore

    Tish and Miley
    Tish and Miley

    Miley also used to share some puffs with her mom but she doesn’t do it anymore and has a reason for that. Miley shared, “The other day I came to her house, maybe the last time I smoked her weed was a couple of weeks ago, and I did walk in and take the smallest puff ever, and I couldn’t drive for what felt like three days. And I didn’t know who I was”.

    Cyrus also revealed that she was the one who turned her mother towards marijuana habits and thought it could be better for her. She continued, “So what happened was we had gotten some weed when I lived with her — me, the background dancers, the band and everyone.” She added, “And I had told my mom separately, ‘I think this could be really good for you.

    She had her reasons for introducing such high intoxicants to her mother. Tish had anxiety and trouble sleeping and Miley thought that this might help her mother. But Tish knew her morals and said, “OK but just don’t tell anybody because I’m a good Christian woman.”

    She rather enjoyed some good time after taking it and she smoked weed ever since according to Miley.

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