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    Shakira Reveals How Chris Martin Helped Her Using Japanese Art During The ‘Greatest Suffering’ Of Her Life Caused By Gerard Pique

    Shakira is lifting the curtains on a very difficult time of her life following her separation from Gerard Pique and how she felt about it. The period, which Shakira describes as the ‘greatest suffering’ of her life also brought her well wishes from one good old friend; Chris Martin from Coldplay.

    Shakira talked about how the Coldplay frontman supported her through her tough time with a few kind words and a beautiful metaphor. Here’s how Martin supported Shakira, and how he used the Japanese art of Kintsugi as a reference for it.

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    Chris Martin Supported Shakira During Her Breakup With Gerard Pique

    Shakira and Chris Martin
    Shakira and Chris Martin

    Shakira talked about how her friends supported her through her separation from Pique, something that certainly helped her get through the grief more easily. Among other friends who checked in with kind words, the ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ crooner talked about how Chris Martin comforted her during this tough time.

    Martin sent her a picture of a shattered glass put together by glue, referencing the Japanese art as he wrote, “Kintsugi — you’re going to be so much stronger once this is over. That’s the ­metaphor. That you break, and then you get fixed with gold, and you’re more beautiful than you were before. For anyone going through a hard time, me included at times, that’s a really powerful thing to hold on to.”

    She continued talking about the impact this little message had on her overall, and how it helped her get through. As of now, she has returned to music and is stronger than ever.

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    Shakira And Gerard Pique’s Dramatic Separation

    Pique and Shakira
    Pique and Shakira

    Shakira dubbed her separation from Pique as the hardest time of her life, saying, “The suffering I felt was probably the greatest I had ever experienced in my entire life, and it kept me from functioning at times.”

    “It felt like someone had stabbed a hole in my chest,” she continued. “And the sensation was so real, almost physical. I physically felt like I had a hole in my chest and that people could see through me.”

    The couple separated in 2022 amidst Pique’s infidelity, though the couple never revealed the reason publicly. As of now, Shakira is dating British actor Lucien Laviscount who she has an age gap of 16 years with.

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