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    “She Is Not 25 Anymore”: Madonna Exerts Herself A Lot To Compete With Singers Like Taylor Swift For Her ‘Celebration’ Tour

    It has been four decades since Madonna came onto the scene and dominated the pop arena! She has given us timeless hits like ‘Vogue,’ ‘Erotica,’ ‘Material Girl,’ and others. The songstress was all set to start her ‘Celebration’ tour, but now it is postponed due to her recent health emergency.

    Madonna was rushed to the hospital when people around her found her unresponsive. The singer was intubated for several days and was under observation. Now, the pop queen is recuperating from the bacterial infection, but she is still in recovery. The sources have hinted that Madonna exerted herself a lot for the upcoming tour and burned herself.

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    Madonna Pushing Herself Could Have Been Fatal


    The insiders have come forward, telling The Sun about what led to Madonna’s severe health crisis. They cited overexertion as the reason for her sudden collapse and health emergency. One of the sources said, “The countdown was well and truly on. Madonna had all her chips on one number, which was this tour.”

    The source continued, “She was working overtime, but she clearly burnt herself out, and people around her have been politely reminding her that she is not 45 anymore, let alone 25. She needed to pace herself. Pushing herself so hard was extremely risky.”

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    The Artist Was Trying To Compete With Taylor Swift And Pink

    Taylor Swift and Pink during their tours
    Taylor Swift and Pink during their tours

    Both Taylor Swift and Pink are on their respective tours and giving their fans the time of their lives! Swift is on her commercial blockbuster ‘Eras Tour,’ and Pink has kicked off her ‘Summer Carnival’ tour. The former is staging a great theatrical concert, and the latter is amusing fans with her acrobatic skills.

    So, Madonna wanted to compete with them, so she also decided to work hard, and she rehearsed for 12 hours each day. Another source said, “Madonna was in good spirits before the incident, but some friends had encouraged her to take it easy and find time for rest because of the grueling schedule she had ahead of her.”

    The source continued, “Many of us feel the constant remarks about her age have put pressure on her to compete, so we are relieved that she has been forced to take time out and put her health first. People were really worried about her. Nobody would say it out loud, but there were concerns about another Michael Jackson situation if she doesn’t slow down a bit.”

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